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Dwello 60 x 1083m

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For my second race ever in the history of time, up until now, was the Dwello 100, I went in the 60 (it was actually 65km [rabble rabble rabble]) I even prepared for this one!

I ate an entire packet of gnocchi the night before, it did the trick, along with some bars and some baby food shit that KD's rocko set me up with. I comfortable rode the whole thing in 4 hours and 3 minutes.

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The thrilling tale of a mediocre starter outer rer

This was my first ever race on any kind of bike.

I think I smashed it, as under prepared as I was. I took on the men's masters 30.

Jarrahdale is my local and most ridden track so I have a bit of local knowledge to counter all the fit motherfuckers I was racing against.

I took no snack's or gels, didn't even know gels were a thang. I wanted to throw up half way through the second lap and I almost crashed when the kids egged me on to do a wheelie over the finish line where I came 7th.

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