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my second race of the year

avg km's p/h are improving @11.07km p/h

One of the best tracks I've raced on :)with short sections of uphill, downhill, rock and not to mention the view over the edge

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Start 00:00:00 10:00:00
Lap 1 00:36:48 00:36:48 10:36:48 175 6 17 5.98 9.7
Lap 2 01:16:27 00:39:39 11:16:27 175 6 18 11.96 9.0
Lap 3 01:52:44 00:36:16 11:52:44 171 6 18 17.94 9.9
Lap 4 02:32:33 00:39:49 12:32:33 166 6 17 23.92 9.0
Lap 5 03:14:39 00:42:05 13:14:39 168 6 17 29.9 8.5
Lap 6 03:50:49 00:36:10 13:50:49 151 6 17 35.88 9.9
Lap 7

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xc Jarrahdale

first race of the season very disappointed in my time ..should not have ridden 1.5 laps of the Kalamunda circuit on saturday. time to get some more time in the sadle I think Smiling

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My third and epic event

unfortunately I was not very fit and nursing a sore rib but I finished the four days
I kept to my race plan and apart from 2x OTB's all went well
can't wait till next years c2c ! and blitzing my time Smiling

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My second race marinnup

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I loved the rambling sections of this ride, It has so many transitions from single track to wide fire trail. Not too much uphill either, and I especially enjoyed riding through the burnt out trees.
My first lap time was blown out as a rider in front of me (Karen) decided to cut a tree down with her leg. After getting her back on her feet and on her bike I followed as she looked unsteady and still a bit shaken. She was determined to ride on but halfway into the next lap her hip was too painfull to continue.

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My First

At 50 I have found myself spending alot of time riding the tracks on my mtb with friends. I love attending events and so entering this race is just another step forward.

My fitness level is still quite low as I have only been riding for 4 months.

I was pleased to have finished and although I was not fast I managed to increase my skills and confidence.

Everyone was very supportive and considerate, riders, spectators and officials....I am hooked!

Ps: my first event was the 75km Kep track ride with PIHC and I finshed that too!

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