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Interview on ABC radio Perth

Got to chat to the ABC last week regarding the WA MTB Trailguide. Got a plug in there for PerthMTB and also KMBC. It's about 11 minutes long. I also did ABC regional later in the day but I don't have a link.

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Cloth maps are now available

Well some cloth maps are back from the printers. Made from the same stuff you clean your glasses with they can withstand a couple hundred washes in the washing machine. Covering the same areas as their cheaper paper cousins these maps are Perth (Kalamunda & Jarrahdale) and Margaret River (Creek Trails, Pines, Return of the Jedi, 10 Mile Brook and Wadani Trail). Wembley Cycles have them in stock if you're heading south this weekend and all good bike shops should follow soon. Also available online at

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fox 40s adjustable low and high speed compression?

What are these like? Im buying a set to put on the 2015 0 glory .

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Margaret River Pocket Map has been printed

Below is a preview, click to read the full post

Well after the putting out the WA MTB Trailguide last year I've been chipping away at the concept of pocket maps. These are back from the printers today and so they will take a little while to get to your favourite local bike shop (same distributor as the guidebook, Simon Coates). Double sided A3 colour and folded small enough to slip into a jersey pocket or camelbak.

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Cape to Cape photos are up.

Sorry if you missed this but an email went out to competitiors with a link to their photos. If you missed it you can search for (or your friends) plate here:

Otherwise browse and check out the unknown rider folder here:

I hope Jane and I got a good photo or two of you.


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WA MTB Trailguide is now available.

The 2nd Edition is now out and should be at your local MTB shop. Over 55 places to ride and sections on Pump, Dirt Jumps and BMX. In the 5 years since I worked on the first print run a lot has changed and it is great to see. With the launch of the SW Master Plan there is a lot of exciting things to come.

So visit your local bike shop or buy online at
Merry Christmas everyone.

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Cape to Cape photo processing status update

Well I'm still hard at work processing photos. I have less than one day of the event left to process. I had set myself the goal of having them complete this weekend but unfortunately this isn't going to happen. So early next week.

Last year there was 16,000 odd photos individually tagged with your race number to search. This year there is more so I really hope you find a great photo or two of yourself.

Photos will be at

Guidebook is out and available at

Thanks for your patience


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Processing Cape to Cape photos

It's that time of year again for me. The weather is perfect and I'm inside processing photos of people riding the Cape to Cape. I should have them finished mid November and as per previous years they will be available at

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Which cover image do you prefer. WA MTB trailguide

I'm putting the final touches on the 2nd edition of the trailguide before turning my attention to photographing this years Cape to Cape. I'm interested in feedback on the cover image which do you prefer? Remember the book is for all riders not just one aspect.

Any advertisers who haven't got their artwork to me yet time is running out. PM me or email me if you want more info.



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Duns XC Photos are up. Kids race and XC to follow.

Hi all. I've spent the last couple of days processing. The XC Round 5 are up

Lots of images from the event here:

You can search by your race plate here (simply type in your race plate number):

I'll upload unknown rider shots soon and Kids race and some Sunday Whip off Comp tomorrow.

Hope we got a good one (or three) of you.

Best Mountain Bike