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bit sore....

Hope I entertained you guys last night with a few crashes, feeling a bit sore today! Nothing like falling off and 'nutting' yourself just before a climb up the 'elevator'!!
Great ride though....thanks

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Attack by wild annimal

1st ride at Pile rd with helmet cam wishing for some exciting footage.

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Photos from Round 1 Gravity Enduro

So it was a busy day both for riders and spectators. I'll process my photos today and tomorrow and they'll appear

I hope you had a safe fun day. Glad this rider was able to ride away from this.

More info on the event can be found here:

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45 years here between youngest and oldest riders, everyone was ripping. 20140308 Sundowner, Chittering with the Neve's and other crew. Thanks for building Paul.

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Friday Blowoff

Friday blowoff north of City. Everyone has had a big week, so some skids, scuffs and scrubs seemed the order of the day.

So sorry did not get the sheep fence gaps in, just too dark. maniacs.

Thanks Paul and Kat.


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City of Stirling

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Good Afternoon Rob,

Thank you for your email, I hope you had a great break over Christmas and New Year.

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Found on Classic Creek - Carters Road Margaret River 30th December

Found an underseat bag on a section of the Classic Creek run off Carters Road on Monday 30th December.

If you think it's yours PM me and let me know what colour it is, make and what's in it and I will try and get it back to you.


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Learning To Fly

Short vid of a jump session at The Goat Farm

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Cape to Cape photos are up!

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Well it always takes a while but the 2013 photos are up over 6500 individually tagged photos. Simply enter your race plate number you'll get to see all the relevant photos.
There is also another folder of unknown riders where we couldn't see the race plate so be sure to also have a look there.

Over the weekend we should also be able to get up the podium shots and the Start/Finish line random shots into their own folders for you to browse.

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Cape to Cape Photo Update 3/4 done

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The title says it all. I spent all last break (5 solid days) processing and uploading images. I've got 1.5 days of the event left to do. I hope they go live on the 26/11 and people can search by their plate number thanks to Bangers looking at every photo. Last year I uploaded 4,500 photos so I hopefully got a good picture of everyone who participated. With a bigger field this year I have significantly more images but there are some absolute crackers in there.
Thanks for everyones patience. Last years images are still up on the site

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