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Cape to Cape 2012 Photos will be taken offline soon.

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Hi everyone. As lots of you prepare for the Cape to Cape I too am getting ready. It's a surprising similar. Worrying over gear selection, packing gear and wishing I'd done a bit more training. I'm always trashed at the end of the event and last year I took around 11,000 photos with ~4,500 eventually going up online. Each image we individually type in the race numbers to make it easier for you to find. We had some hiccups last year with the search system so we have to turn off the previous years photos to make it easier for you to find your images.

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Dicky Ticker

Rampage it DEFinately ain't but had heaps of fun on weekend. Looking forward to getting a few more of them down betta, but there is something very morish about this.

Everyone in this, cheers for riding, this was a great 2 hours and blew a few cobwebs out that the week had provided.


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Bike Stolen

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Unfortunatley some 2 legged dog has stolen my wifes bike from outside her workplace last week.(Boutique clothes shop in Bunbury)
Princep street Bunbury, just down the rd from City Cyles.

She just dropped in for 5 mins to say hello and came outside to find her bike had been taken.

Pink Bike with Velocity Pink Rims, STX gear, comfortable ladies seat, Pink mega bear trap pedals, Blue n white rock shox forks with 3 inch travel, high rise stem, with swept back bars and wrist friendly grips.

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Great day for a ride.
Stolen 1 x MTB shoe.

Some dog has broken into my yard and stolen a mtb shoe!

Hope it chokes on the cleat.!!

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CoS - 10 to 1 endorsement.

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Yeah City of Stirling
Regardless of city boundary changes the Strategy and investment is endorsed by the Council.
Not over til facilities on ground, and even if some sites are annexed there was discussion that dirt could be suitable for many as complimentary or support facilities to the concrete, over and above the dedicated Dianella Dirt Jump investment.

Good Afternoon,

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Finally... My new Enduro 29r comes home! THANKS TO MIDLAND CYCLES :)

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After many dIstractions and self imposed delays. 3 years after deciding to update my rig I took delivery of this beast right on the eve of my 36th birthday. What a birthday present.

First ride is tomorrow night with the Riotinto boys.

A huge thanks to Mark and the crew at Midland Cycles. He has looked after me time and again.

I look forward to riding the tyres off this thing. Hell I am thinking of racing this thing at the twelve hour!

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CoS - Infrastructure Review Commitee approves 8 Sites

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After a surprise deputation to the entire CoS Investment Review Committee, and with the backing of an excellent Strategy Document by Convic and a diversification of kids sports covering Skate, Skoot, BMX and Pump/Jump/Dirt, the committee agreed unanimously to endorse the recommendations 6.3, and will sent for ratification next week.

If only one are was endorsed I would be stoked but to allocate 8 areas to sports we love to see our kids play, and areas we as parents want to play on also, this is indeed a win.

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Thanks heaps for such a good day Steve, Phil, Jake and Linsdsay.

Thanks Devo for shooting while riding and getting schooled.

Cheers for doing that Sam, same margin as '99 Scarp Rd and eva as epic to watch.



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