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Photos from SW MTB Festival XCO Rnd 5

Currently processing a lot of photos from the weekend. Mainly the Saturday XCO, Kids race and Whip Off competition (on Sunday).
You will be able to search by race plate number when they are live (probably mid-week).

I like this shot from the Saturday kids race. There were a lot of D-bikes on display in this race (Dad assisted bikes).

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Kalamunda 50/50 photos are live!

Photos from the weekends Kalamunda 50/50 are up With over 1,000 photos it's easier to use the search function and type in your race plate number. There is a collection of photos where I couldn't see the race plate, so check them out and if you find a friend let them know. I Hope I got a good one of you. (link straight to the search function is: )

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WAGE Goat Farm photos are up

My photos from the 2015 Goat Farm Gravity Enduro (Rnd 4/National Rnd) are up. Use the search function to search by your race plate number here: or browse the folders there is an unknown rider folder you might want to check as well

as well as a top 50 images that has a selection of images that are interesting from the day (for those who like to browse).

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Riding Mt.Batur Crater Rim in Bali

Below is a preview, click to read the full post

Well, I auctally done this ride in the last 10 years and never get bored with it. The ride is start from 1700m ASL in the Kintamani region. Batur Volcano has a big outer ancient rim which has a fantastic singletrack along the rim with a various terrain. First we ride on a tarmac road for about four kilometres before we turn into a singletrack section on a pine forest. Then continue up and down on a singletrack with a breathtaking views of Batur volcano and it's lake. When you reach the top of the hill, you are able to see north coast (stretching from Lovina-Tulamben) on the left hand side.

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WAGE Photos are up. Kalamunda round

The photos from the weekends event are now up. $18 for a high res download. and click on the folder.
You can browse or enter click on search to enter your race place. If you race plate was 035 simply type 35 (not 035) to get all your photos.

Here is a direct link:

I hope Jane and I got some good photos of you.

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Old guys riding bikes

screwing around looking for lines

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2014 Alcoa Dusk till Dawn Entry List

Now you can scope out your competition!

Also please check that your team is correct (especially those teams who have made changes)



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All Cape to Cape photos are live

Over 16,000 of them. The webhoster decided to take the server down this morning for some maintenance (brilliant timing) so if the website is slow for you let me know.

Front page:
Search by race plate number:
Race plate numbers:

I hope I got a good one of you (or three) and thanks for your patience.

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Cape to Cape Unknown Rider Photos are now live

If you're looking for excuses on a Friday afternoon we've made live all the photos of riders who we can't see their raceplate.

So have a browse. If you see a mate you can write a comment below the photo (or reply here with the link if you don't want to sign into the site).

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Cape to Cape photos 3 days processed 1 to go.

Below is a preview, click to read the full post

We've been hitting it hard since the event and hope to get the photos up in less time than last year, despite having two shooters at the event. We've already uploaded around 9,000 images (more than last year) and today we are finally onto the last day. It will take us the rest of the week and the weekend to get through them all and upload them.
Some general observations at this point.

Bangers noticed the "Sneaker" count seem down. ie Higher % of riders with cycling shoes. What does that mean? We've speculated.
Only 4 riders in 3 days with headphones on. Yes we have their race plates.

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