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Cape to Cape Unknown Rider Photos are now live

If you're looking for excuses on a Friday afternoon we've made live all the photos of riders who we can't see their raceplate.

So have a browse. If you see a mate you can write a comment below the photo (or reply here with the link if you don't want to sign into the site).

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Cape to Cape photos 3 days processed 1 to go.

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We've been hitting it hard since the event and hope to get the photos up in less time than last year, despite having two shooters at the event. We've already uploaded around 9,000 images (more than last year) and today we are finally onto the last day. It will take us the rest of the week and the weekend to get through them all and upload them.
Some general observations at this point.

Bangers noticed the "Sneaker" count seem down. ie Higher % of riders with cycling shoes. What does that mean? We've speculated.
Only 4 riders in 3 days with headphones on. Yes we have their race plates.

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2014 Cape to Cape photos. Grinding away

Well I hope you had a more exciting weekend than Bangers and I. Grinding away processing photos. If you were at the event you might of noticed we had two shooters out bringing a mind numbing 25,000 images over 4 days. We're working hard to bring them to you as soon as possible but we are a long way from having them ready.
Once they are up you'll be able to search by race number and find your images.

All images will be at

Thanks for your patience.

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Riding in the US

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I’m not sure who was crazier - me for suggesting a trip to the USA mountain biking, or my husband Clem for agreeing! In late April we embarked on a trip to America to mountain bike as many trails as we could in 6 weeks. Less than two weeks after booking our flights we were off with our Specialised Stumpjumpers in tow. As we only had one other bag each we had free transport of our bikes all the way to the States which we thought was pretty good.

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Pimp my Fatboy

Back country redneck Erik gave me a sneak preview of his latest concept bike.
Full carbon fibre fattty with a butchered electronic Ultegra gear set.
He didn't give any details of the butchering, but was smiling as he said it.

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Hi Guys

Desperate for help!...Santa Cruz Blur LT has been nicked from the back of my car along with a Denali bag containing my passport - I'm due to go on hols in 2 weeks, and compete @ Dwellingup 100 on Sept 6th?!

Bike was anchored to a Thule rack which they busted, before breaking into my car

$250 reward for info leading to return of the bike, $500 for a name, number, location of the *^%$^

Medium SILVER dual-suspension frame, black (with yellow writing) Maxxis Crossmark tyres, remote seat post, MTB black & silver seat, Fox Talas 32 forks etc etc

Many Thanks,

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KC. Kids Shuttles

Standard caveat, no Liability in transit or riding, if you got kids and want to ride a few tracks tomorrow from 12 and want to use a 7*5 trailer and free runs let me know or hit boys up mid trip.

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Review of Multiple Urban tracks CoJ

City is doing a functional and operational review of conditions of 6 plus riding tracks at City of Joondalup, keep eyes peeled for some refurbs including our old fave at Warwick Rd.

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CoS sk8 and BMX strategy wins a State Award, up for consideration of national.

It's taking it's time as all things do, but I'm sure eventually we will see some dirt jumps build in the City of Stirling.

Like to thank the council, mayor and staff and really appreciate the work been doing in background.


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The free bike offer that the City of Stirling has available has just been opened up to include teens aged 14 to 17 years old!

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Hello everyone

The free bike offer that the City of Stirling has available has just been opened up to include teens aged 14 to 17 years old!

We haven’t yet reached our target of giving away 300 bikes, and so we want to make this offer available for more teenagers in Stirling.

Could you please urgently send this news out to all of your contacts and encourage teens to consider signing up, this is a once-only never to be repeated offer, so sing up now or miss out!

Registrations can be made at

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