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Zen and the art of zoneing out . . . . . . . .

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Having just done my first MTB ride in six weeks - I did ye old faithful, on my own at a cruise (my cruise not yours!) pace in the wonderful sunshine that was Saturday this weekend I find myself asking that same question.

Why, after what I am sure was a great piece of single track, do I stop, and not remeber doing the piece of track that I have just done?

I mean, here I am at the end of it, and I know I was at the start of it, and I know I know every twist and turn, but I can't actually remember doing it THIS time?

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110813 Turner Hill

Turner hill is one of my favourite tracks - always eyed off the black diamond section and really happy to start hitting it now. After a full lap, we timed a hot lap but id like to try it again on the first run! trying to knock down your own time is great fun and keeps you pushing hard


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Boddington WA XC Race

1st Lap 48.01 2nd lap 45.29. Second race. Loved the track. Fitness got me on the uphills. Encouragement from others fantastic. Category Masters Women (4 entrants)

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My First

At 50 I have found myself spending alot of time riding the tracks on my mtb with friends. I love attending events and so entering this race is just another step forward.

My fitness level is still quite low as I have only been riding for 4 months.

I was pleased to have finished and although I was not fast I managed to increase my skills and confidence.

Everyone was very supportive and considerate, riders, spectators and officials....I am hooked!

Ps: my first event was the 75km Kep track ride with PIHC and I finshed that too!

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Kalamunda 50/50

First mountain bike race. Averaged 9.1km Camel Farm left at 4.25 with 5 mins to spare. Rode most of gravel downhill. Elevator - Walked. Course completed.

Big thanks to the sweep (sorry forgot name) who was my ride buddy for the day Smiling

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