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Cape to Cape Photo Update 3/4 done

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The title says it all. I spent all last break (5 solid days) processing and uploading images. I've got 1.5 days of the event left to do. I hope they go live on the 26/11 and people can search by their plate number thanks to Bangers looking at every photo. Last year I uploaded 4,500 photos so I hopefully got a good picture of everyone who participated. With a bigger field this year I have significantly more images but there are some absolute crackers in there.
Thanks for everyones patience. Last years images are still up on the site

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Lancaster at night

Just trying out the GoPro at night. Pretty good.

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Why MTBing is so cool

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To me MTBing is life. Like every bugger who logs on here and reads about all the cool stuff going on, something cool happened this week so thought what makes this such a big part, what is the opioid. Why do we get so energetic, why the passion?

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First time doing a full Luvin Shovels run

Love this trail. Need to get better. Hope you enjoy it. I certainly did.

Riding my Santa Cruz Solo C

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2013 Cape to Cape photos

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2013 Cape to Cape. We're working on it.

That was fun, but now for us the real work begins. 15,000 images over 4 days each one individually looked at adjusted, cropped and then tagged with your race number so you can find it. Looking at the work ahead of us we're thinking that 26th of November is a good date to aim for to have all the 2013 images up. Until then we'll keep the 2012 images up in case you want to buy one. But be warned. Once the 2013 images are up we are deleting the 2012 images off the server for space and to avoid confusion.

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Life lessons

As if this does not set a precedent. Remember kids - if it's difficult or requires practice, Bulldose it.

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New and improved Lancaster

Had some fun on the new features of the Lancaster trail, thanks a lot to all the trail fairies!

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Cape to Cape 2012 Photos will be taken offline soon.

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Hi everyone. As lots of you prepare for the Cape to Cape I too am getting ready. It's a surprising similar. Worrying over gear selection, packing gear and wishing I'd done a bit more training. I'm always trashed at the end of the event and last year I took around 11,000 photos with ~4,500 eventually going up online. Each image we individually type in the race numbers to make it easier for you to find. We had some hiccups last year with the search system so we have to turn off the previous years photos to make it easier for you to find your images.

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Dicky Ticker

Rampage it DEFinately ain't but had heaps of fun on weekend. Looking forward to getting a few more of them down betta, but there is something very morish about this.

Everyone in this, cheers for riding, this was a great 2 hours and blew a few cobwebs out that the week had provided.


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Bike Stolen

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Unfortunatley some 2 legged dog has stolen my wifes bike from outside her workplace last week.(Boutique clothes shop in Bunbury)
Princep street Bunbury, just down the rd from City Cyles.

She just dropped in for 5 mins to say hello and came outside to find her bike had been taken.

Pink Bike with Velocity Pink Rims, STX gear, comfortable ladies seat, Pink mega bear trap pedals, Blue n white rock shox forks with 3 inch travel, high rise stem, with swept back bars and wrist friendly grips.

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