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Targa Friday


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Can it be that bad......

Lots of commentary re trails. Can it be that bad if peeps like this are out riding it in training for OS commitments?

Think some peeps going to be very surprised at how it does flow next week, and more importantly the lines committed to to get it so crisp.

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new trails poorly built by so called pros

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Would be nice if these so called trail building pros ie DIRT ART actually knew what they were doing when it came to the basics of building nice trail for all to ride. FIRST- gripe is that tearing up the top layers of earth with a bob cat to create new creeks and exposing rocks is not a technique I have ever seen as being a good 1.there's nothing wrong with a rake and some common sense.

SECOND- unnesesary destruction of excessive amounts of grass trees and vegetation that holds the ground together really pissed me right off.

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Sprockets Judderbars

Today was great riding in the hills.

Here is my 6 year old on Judderbar's.

Have some mud in your eye LOL.

Thanks DEVO for shooting and JB.



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Home Run

Had the chance to ride in Chittering Monday.

Cheers 3 Chilli's.

Wish the 30 plus foot to flat and blown tubeless was on camera. How you held that up Im not sure.

Great day, cheers.


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City of Stirling Skate and BMX Strategy update 31/07/13

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Been pushing this for some time so this delay is just temporary.

City of Stirling Skate and BMX Strategy Update 31/0713

Hi Everyone,

I am planning on sending an update to everyone on my skate and BMX register but would like to send a quick email since you have been so involved with the Strategy’s development so far. As planned, the Strategy was completed by mid-2013 and has been waiting for its chance to go to Council. Unfortunately this was delayed until later this year due to the Council elections in October.

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In training for WC, showing my kids a clean set of heals.

I had to show this cause it turned out so well.

Thanks Jackson, have a great World Cup.

My kids and I really appreciated the opportunity to watch.


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Newby needs help


I have been riding road bikes for a few years, but have done some cool mountain biking in South America and am interested in getting involved in Perth. I need advice Re purchasing a mountain bike, whether secondhand is a good option or not, and what sort of rides I can get into as a beginner in Perth.

Any help much appreciated.


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Dry July


Thanks Stevo, Rob, Matt and Ben. Was a great day, sorry the camera's died.

Best Mountain Bike