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MTBA Insurance Policy

PMBC Members

I have been asked many times about what MTBA insurance covers.

So, I thought it would be easier to place a link to the Policy documentation.

Have a read, but please do not ask me any questions, I am only the messenger.



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Junior State Team ready to go!

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PMBC secured funding from MTBA to assist a junior state team going to the MTB nationals in Victoria in 2 weeks time (7 - 10 March). We also have support from "Rock and Roll MTB", Westcycle and Kauri Clothing.

The most pleasing thing for me is to see how much each and everyone of these juniors has improved over the last 3 months or so. All of this came together nicely today at the first XCO race of the season at Marrinup where everyone of the team performed above and beyond where they have ever ridden before. It was awesome!!

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Marrinup Entry List

200 entries! This will be the biggest XC race in WA history and shows that MTB is going from strength to strength.

Just a note on the grades. We have had a lot more entries in Male Grades B and F than expected. If you think you might be in the wrong grade we can change you before the race on Sunday morning. Please check the lap times on the event page here:

See you at number plate collection, 7:30 to 10:00am at the race course.


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Cyclocross Dates for 2014

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WA Cyclocross dates for 2014

11th May - Speed Dome - Skills Coaching followed by Launch Event (Pony Express)

15th June - Race 1 - Joondalup

12th July - National Series Race - Speeddome
13th July - National Series Race - Garvey Park

10th August - Race 2 - Bassendean

14th September - Race 3 - Venue to be confirmed.

This year, we will have Series points and electronic lap timing at each race.

Thanks to those that have helped get the season this far. Simon Dec James LobegeigerAshley Williams Bryan Stevenson Mandy Lobegeiger.

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WA Cross Country Grading

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Hello All,

This is an introduction to the new grading system for 2014. We no longer have age based categories, except for U9 and U13 as they ride a much smaller course. You will ride with people that are as good as you, it will be competitive and you'll always have someone to yarn with as you ride.

Grades are:
Male - A, B, C, D, E, F
Female - A, B, C
U9 & U13

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Extreme fire danger around Perth this weekend. Please stay safe.

This weekend is going to be hot.

The Fire Ratings are going to be a minimum of Very High.

Please check the fire rating of the area you might be riding in on the relevant shire website, or check roadside fire rating signs.

PMBC recommend riders do not enter bush or high risk areas if the Fire Ratings are Very High or above.

Stay safe.

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XC race dates and Volunteers needed

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We really need help. Timing, marking course, sweeping, BBQ, before, during or after the race, hands on or computer based, you can help in so many ways. If you can spare some time, please let us know. Meet us at the Prize-giving, email us. Many hands makes for light work. Without more volunteer input the following PMBC races will not happen. It feels good, you get a chance of free entry to the Cape to Cape and you will not be left out of pocket.

Event Volunteers Still Needed Volunteers So Far
Marrinup Please volunteer for another race 6
Turner Hill Please volunteer for another race 7
Pemberton 5 1
Kalamunda 4 2
Collie 6 0
Dunsborough 1 0
Margaret River 6 0
Dusk Till Dawn 5 1
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WA State team Shirts for sale

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As mentioned in a previous post, PMBC are putting a WA Junior State XC team together for the Mountain Bike Nationals in Bright in Victoria.

We have already had a number of training days with the juniors with help from Graeme Adams from the South West MTB club and help from Rock and Roll MTB.

PMBC are getting these shirts made for the team, but we would like to offer them to anyone who is going to the Nationals as a way of representing your state and as a little fund raiser for the Junior team. (or anyone for that matter)

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Dusk Till Dawn 2013 Write Up

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Well the 2013 Dusk Till Dawn event has enjoyed a successful running at the new Marinup venue and I’m sure most would agree it made for a great event village and the trail was well suited to this type of event. First thanks go out to all our fantastic competitors be it solo or teams for entering and coming along, we will have raised around $20000 which will go back into trail development for our race courses and other designated riding areas.

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2014 News and presentations

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Howdy members

Its going to be a great year in 2014.

But first, I would like to clear the air about presentation and trophy expectations for 2013.

It has been a turbulent year for the PMBC committee and none of you would have probably noticed.

But to cut aside the nonsense, we worked very hard to make the year end presentation happen, but our ability to achieve this was redirected to the Dusk Till Dawn, we simply did not have enough volunteers and time to get all the required work done, on multiple fronts.

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Dirt Criterium Report

Please find attached a small written report about the Dirt Criterium

The results can be found here:

Photos can be found here: or

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WA Junior Team for MTB Nationals

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The Perth Mountain Bike Club have secured $4000 worth of funding from the MTBA grant scheme to put towards junior development.

PMBC along with Westcycle will be allocating this money to a junior state team to go to the National championships, these will be in Bright in Victoria 6 - 9 March 2014. Bright is a spectacular place in the Victorian high country and well worth the trip with awesome mountain biking for all.

For the Track riders among you, this is the week after the junior track Nationals in Sydney.

At this stage the funding will be allocated as follows:
Coach/manager = $800

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2013 Dirt Criterium Championships = Update

this post is to get the heading at the top of the front page.

Details are available on the calendar entry =

Or on the attached PDF

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Sale of Cape to Cape entries (the official PMBC stance)

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Dearest PMBC Website Users,

Please respect the wishes of PMBC and the Cape to Cape Event and do not sell or purchase Cape to Cape entries through this website. All attempts to do so will be deleted. You also must not give your entry away. The name on the number-plate is the name of the rider, simple.

Why you shouldn't sell:
There are processes in place which allow you to either get a refund or delay your entry until next year.
You are putting the event and the other riders at risk with insurance issues.

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Official 12 min video for D100

Here is the official 12 minute video for the 2013 Act Belong Commit Dwellingup 100.

Once again, Stewart has done an amazing job. Enjoy!

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BEST Mechanic in WA Competition

I have been thinking about this for a while and need your input to see if we can get it off the ground.

Best bike Mechanic in WA Competiion.

Fixing skills, setup skills and general advice, these people make it easier for us to ride.

What tests could we apply to test their abilities to the limit, excluding strange facial hair, although this could be a category.

Throw your posts at this thread with ideas and lets see what you all come up with.

go for it


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Cape to Cape 2013 - One ticket available from PMBC

Hi PMBC Members

I have one genuine free entry to the Cape to Cape kindly donate by PMBC and Jason Dover.

Price is $450 and all proceeds are going to the Zaidees Foundation.

Anyone need a ticket email me;

Highest bidder gets the ticket, starting at $450.



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PMBC Membership - Costs

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Hi PMBC Members

I would like to take this opportunity to offer a little bit of transparency about the cost of membership.

I was asked by a member why our membership was so high, so let me explain.

Of the cost per annum of $130, PMBC only receive $20 of this, the other $110 goes to MTBA.

On average, PMBC make $7500 from this every year, this is then used to pay for running costs of the club and trail maintenance at our race events.

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D100 raise over $98 K to date for MD (and D100 Video)

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I would like to personally thank the people who "Rode for someone who cant" in the Act Belong Commit Dwellingup 100 in 2013. These awesome people and their supporters have raised over $98 000 to date.

I say it every year, but this is one of the most rewarding parts of our event. knowing that our event provides the tool for this to happen. The great thing about raising this money is that every cent is used in a positive constructive way that genuinely makes a difference for those living with, or caring for those with Muscular Dystrophy.

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2013 State Championships - More Photos including Presentations

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Hi Everyone,

Hope you enjoyed the fun on Sunday including all our XC races and the downhill riders pinnin it at the Farm. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for being there to support the riders and the club.

Here are some more photos from the day, they have just been posted as is but if anyone wants a copy its a $5.00 donation to the club which we will put into more trails and other fun. XC photos are first then some downhill action.

Any questions PM me.

Cheers Chris
PMBC Webmaster

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Mobile Theme for PMBC Website

Just a quick note to let people know that the PMBC website now has a responsive theme. That's just a fancy way of saying it should look a whole lot better on mobile (smartphones) Eye-wink

Please comment here if you notice anything 'odd' with this.

Now, when browsing on your smartphone sidebars and the top menu are hidden by default. Click the little items top of the page to toggle them on & off again. Sorry if this is obvious but if I don't mention it you can be sure someone will ask Eye-wink

Enjoy! Smiling

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TBE Belmont - PMBC State Championships

TBE Belmont have been great sponsors of this event in previous years and have come to the table again.

We have some great prizes for you on Sunday, thanks to their superb generosity.

See you sunday people


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Entries are Open for the State Championships

Entries are open for the State Champs and can be found here:

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Dell Park Road Closed due to flooding. Go through Pinjarra to get to Turner Hill (Race is still on)

Dell Park Rd has been flooded due to a dam wall reportedly breaking open and Police have the road closed.

Your safest option is to keep going south and turn left at Pinjarra to go to Dwellingup. Turn left onto Dell Park Rd in Dwellingup, left again onto North Spur Rd and then right onto Kesners road.

The Race is still on! but allow yourself more time to get there (at least 35 - 45 min)

We have no more information about the damage or when the road may be opened again sorry?

See you at Turner Hill tomorrow.

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Turner Hill Start Times and Entries List

Please note the start times have changed from normal

Elite/Expert/Vets Race First

Masters/Sport/etc. Race Second

The start times can be found on the main information post on this website.

Please find the entries list for the Turner Hill race on Sunday attached.

Please also take note if you still owe $5 for a number plate as you will need to pay when you collect your plate. (Highlighted in Yellow on the sheet)

This is a really easy thing to miss on the entries system (a simple click) this club revenue that goes to WAMBA Smiling

Have a great day!

Best Mountain Bike