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PMBC team in National Junior Track Series

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The "National Junior Track Series" is here in Perth this weekend at the Velodrome in Midvale. This is the first time a true "National" Junior series has been run. (that I know of anyway)

Over 100 of Australias best Juniors will be here to compete in this series. The series is made up of teams of 6 riders from different clubs around Australia, some clubs are even fielding 2 or more teams.

PMBC are proud to be fielding our own team of Juniors, made up of the following kids;

Reece Tucknott U17
Darcy Pirotta U17
Ashley Mackay U17
Sarah Tucknott U15
Matt Ellison (NT) U15

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2011 ALCOA Dusk til Dawn 12 hr - Wrap up

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Well folks

- its been a week since the race ended and now that we have all had time to catch up on some sleep I thought I would post the wrap up and thank yous as we slink into the silly season.

Thank you all very much for helping to make the 2011 ALCOA Dusk til Dawn 12 hr the success it was.

And how do we measure that success:

No Ambulances and all first aid cases made it to first aid under their own power: This is a good thing.
We didn't have to warn or tell off ANYONE - you were all well behaved riders - Thank you Sticking out tongue
A record number of entries . . . . . .

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DEC Report on the NR

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The following is a report that was featured on the DEC Intranet about the National Round at the Goat Farm...................

Thanks to Ewen MacGregor for sending it through..................

The Goat Farm Mountain Bike venue in the Perth Hills hosted the opening round of the 2011–12 Mountain Bike Australia National Series All Mountain Cup last weekend.

Perth Hills District project manager Clinton Hull said the event had put the site on the international mountain bike map.

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Tis a Great Day to Ride throught the night . . .if you can't be there follow on live tracker

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Tis a Great Day to Ride throught the night.

we don't know if that makes sense but hay!

If you can't be there - you can follow your friends on

Results to Web -

For the link below, this is the one people can use to track on their mobile phone. Simply have the browser open on their phone and the tracker will auto refresh every 30 seconds. To search enter a name or plate number. Make sure people are only entering the correct plate number representing a team.

Tracker -

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2011 ALCOA Dusk til Dawn 12 hr -Riders Information


We are a keen 4 man away from being officially FULL so its going to get crowded out there.


Please see below a Link to the Riders Information Pack

And for a Google Earth File that has all sorts of information:

Please get there early.

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Missing Person - Chidlow - Request for Assistance


We have been approached and asked to put up the attached missing persons alert - if you have any information - please contact the Police.

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Nationals Results

Thanks to almost 100 eastern staters and 50 locals, we were treated to a fantastic weekend of truely National Level racing!

Here are the results

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140 riders for National round 97 from the EAST

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Quite a few months ago, one of our life members, James Lobegeiger, put in an application to stage a National Round here in Perth for March 2012. The only date that worked for MTBA was November 2011.

So here we are, the first National Round since Damon Wilmore ran one 5 years ago.

140 riders in total and 97 riders from interstate, unbeleivable!

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Early Entry race packs avalible for pick up at the national round.: 2011 ALCOA Dusk til Dawn 12 hr


367 entries at the close of play.

Thats a lot of people riding - not quite a record for the 12 hr - but still a great response!

REMEMBER If you were one of those smart cookies that got in early (Before November) you can pick up your race pack at the Nation round being held at the goat farm this weekend.

Rider information will be emailed out early next week.

See you out there.


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Volunteers Still needed for NR please!

Volunteer helpers are still needed for the National Round this coming weekend.

A number of people who indicated they could help a long while back, now cant help for one reason or another.

If you are going to spectate anyway, why not help out for a few hours. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you can help, please email our "Volunteer Coordinator" Martin Nugent at

Thanks very much.

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NR BBQ and social function tickets

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PMBC are holding a BBQ meal and social function and invite everyone taking part in the National Round to come along, including all eastern staters and club members who are just spectating.

Where = Maylands Bowling Club, 50 Clarkson Road, Maylands WA 6051
When = Saturday 19 November
Time = 7pm
Cost = $15 per head gets you a meal and 1 drink over the bar.

You will be issued with 1 meal ticket and 1 drink ticket when you arrive. These can then be cashed in for your meal and first drink. All drinks from then on need to be purchased over the bar.

Please purchase your tickets here:

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Get your Cycling Australia membership through Perth MTB Club

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Are you one of the many cyclists who enjoy all of the cycling disciplines? Have you been tempted to get a road and track licence?

Perth MTB Club is affiliated with Cycling Australia, which means that if you want a road licence, then you can do that wearing the Blue and Yellow.

The extension to your MTBA license is $198 (This compares to $286 for a CA membership without the MTBA extension).

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Check out the Goat Farm, you may be surprised!

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The PMBC committee are proud of the relationship we have with DEC and the work we have done with DEC at the Goat Farm. We are also proud to report to our members the money we have spent and the maintenance PMBC and some of our members have done on the Goat Farm.

In total we have spent $11700 on the Goat Farm, as well as a massive ammount of hours. Ufortunately, we have only kept track of "some" of the hours we have actually been there working as volunteers, so we can't report exactly how many.

The money has been spent along the following lines:

Trees = $1000
Weed Spraying = $1500

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Entries are open for Cyclocross

Entries are open for the Cyclocross at the show grounds on Saturday afternoon 3/12/11

Entries can be found here and are a massive $10 each!

further information can be found here in the Calendar:

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Information for National Round

Information for the National round can be found here:

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MTBA extended entries for NR, 135 already confirmed!

MTBA have extended entries for the National round to be held in Perth on 19/20 November until midnight this Sunday. (Monday morning) you can enter here.

As of this morning there are 135 entries for the National Round at the Goat Farm

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TH END IS NIGH For entry into the 2011 ALCOA Dusk til Dawn 12 hr


what a ride

Thanks to all those people that have entered, sponsors - and the great team working furiously behind the scenes to put this years event together.

With well over 300 entries already, the 2011 Alcoa Dusk til Dawn 12 hr is looking like being another great night of riding.

But, all good things must come to an end - and so it is with entry into this years event.

SATURDAY 12TH NOVEMBER is the last day for entries.

See you there!


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Film Premiere - From the inside out

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From the Inside Out Movie Premiere

WAMBA are pleased to present the premiere of the new mountain biking film "From the Inside Out". From the makers of Follow Me, From the Inside Out was filmed entirely in British Colombia, the birthplace of freeride, and features some of the sport’s best riders, including Brandon Semenuk, Steve Smith, Thomas Vanderham, Matt Hunter, Graham Agassiz, Mike Hopkins, Kenny Smith and The Coastal Crew.

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IMBA thanks DEC

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Nic Bowman from IMBA Australia was so impressed with the work done by DEC, he sent them the following email. This email was then forwarded to me and I felt the need to share it with everyone.

It reads...............

Hello ........... (DEC)

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2011 ALCOA DUsk til Dawn 12 hr - still time to enter AND to order your race jersey


Just on 300 and counting - its going to be crowded out there -

You still have time to enter AND to order your race Jersey from Kauri Sports Apparel.

See photos of the wonderful Cheryl (The CrazyCanuck) modeling the race jersey - she wouldn't let me - for "Obvious" reasons.

See you out there.

Ian Gray

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2011 Alcoa Dusk til Dawn 12 hour - 262 confirmed enties by close of earlybird

A BIG Thank You to all those people (262 of them!) that have made the effort to register early for the 2011 ALCOA Dusk til DAwn 12 hour.

Every early entry make our life as organisers so much easier.

There is still time to enter - as entries close on November 12th.

See you out there!

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Only 5 cheap entries left for the National Round = Last Day Today!

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24.10.11 Thanks to Greg Murison, PMBC are proud to announce that we have secured 50 entries for the National Round at a special discount price of $100 each.

We need you guys (our members) to ride this event. Everyone is eligible to ride and your normal classes are available to ride. However, We would encourage most people to ride their age category for the National Round.

This offer is only available for PMBC members with a current MTBA licence, and is only open to 50 people.

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State XC Champs wrap up, U9's and 13's results

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The PMBC State XC Championships was another fantastic success at the awesome Murray Valley course.

We need to thank "The Bicycle Entreprenuer" for supporting this event and the unbelievable prizes they supplied. Michael (TBE), thank you very much.

Michael Brookes from the "Bootleg Brewery" is also a legend and has been supporting us for the last 2 full race seasons and supplying prizes for every race, Thanks mate.

Unfortunately I didn't get to thank the Brilliant Volunteers who helped out and made this event possible.

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State Cross Country Championships BBQ

Barbeques at races this year have gone done a treat (thanks to those of you who were responsible for this happening). At this point, we don't have one organised for the State Champs at Murray Valley. If you're interested in making one happen, please let me know.


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PMBC DH Goat Farm Snake Trail Results

Many apologies for the delay in the posting of these results. They should now be correct.

Thanks to the many volunteers who made this race possible. We look forward to bringing more racing to you in the not too distant future.

Best Mountain Bike