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Surly Ring

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By Damien - Posted on 21 March 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Bent Surly Chainring

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would a chain guard prevented that happening?

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I am running a nice solid chainguard.

I wasnt putting much power through the drivetrain at the time so I am fairly sure something got in between the chain and the chain ring putting to much tension in the chain and stressing the ring to the point that it bent and pulled out the chain ring bolts as well its the only way I can see how this would happen.

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this looks like you put a lot of "power" on your 185mm Crank's!!
also you must have a good Chain, would'nt be a Rohloff? hahahha

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No not much power at all.

Roholf blah blah just a bunch of overblown hype Eye-wink I run a KMC Z1 its a great chain never broken one ever.

The Surly ring is strong in one direction and the stainless steel teeth wear nicely but overstress the ring with tension and it will bend sideways like it was made of plastic.

I am pretty sure something like a stick or rock got stuck between the teeth and the ring over tensioning the chain and causing the ring to bend. The chainring bolts where pulled clean out even though they where all done up nice and tight I even have the correct chain ring spanner to do it properly so loose bolts wasnt the cause (as if my bike would ever have a loose bolt anyway - not going to happen).

Did a bit of research last night and it is quite a common way for these rings to fail I think I will go back to a straight forward cheaper alloy one.

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Those bolts that pulled out have to shoulder some of the blame, are the threads still serviceable on the crank?
looks like you can straighten it out, put in tougher bolts and your good to go.

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