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About Perth Mountain Bike Club - What Do We Do !

Perth Mountain Bike Club (PMBC) was formed in 1988 with most members residing in the Perth metro area. It runs events in various mountain bike disciplines at locations within one to two hours from Perth, offering a fun environment in which you can improve your skills and fitness.

PMBC is affiliated with Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA), an independent association whose mission is to develop and promote mountain biking in Australia. PMBC is run entirely by volunteers, enabling PMBC to keep its event entry fees low.

You can join PMBC through the MTBA website HERE and selecting PMBC as your club. If you just want to try out a PMBC race, you don't need to join and can just pay an additional $20 for a day membership to cover you for that day. You can find more detail about membership HERE.

What sort of events are run?

PMBC regularly runs competitions in Cross-Country (XC) mountain bike discipline. The competitive season runs during winter from April to September. Other types of competitions are run from time-to-time, such as Point-to-Point . You do not need to be a member to enter a PMBC event and new riders are welcome at any stage of the year.

XC competitions are mass start on a circuit course in the bush over single bike width tracks and forest roads/fire trails. The course will usually be around 5km in length, with the number of laps depending upon the class entered. Courses usually contain a variety of flat, uphill and downhill sections that test riders? fitness and skills in negotiating obstacles (logs, rocks, etc).

PMBC also host rounds of the State Championship. State events are generally more challenging than club events so if you are new to MTB, start with some club races to get used to the types of courses first.

How are events run?

Most events are run on Sundays. Apart from the first two club races of the year, you will need to pre-register either online or by mailing in the entry form with payment. Plates can be picked upbefore the event, usually from 8:00am to 8.30am. Non-PMBC members can still compete, but need to purchase a day licence in addition to the race fee. An additional number plate fee of $5 is also payable and you can use this plate at subsequent events.

After events are completed, any help you can provide with packing up tents, removing course signage, etc is appreciated. Money is paid to those volunteers who tow the club trailer or toliets to the event or those who are prepared to be trained up to do rider registrations and timing (involves arriving early and leaving late), so if you come to an event with family or a partner who is wiling to volunteer it can provide a way to cover your travel costs.

What sort of classes are offered?

Members are classified for racing based on a graded system for seniors running A through to F grade. If you have never raced before we will assist you to choose a grade initially and each year we will give members a starting grade based on there previous years performance. From the on adjustments can be made by us or competitors through the year based on previous performances. For juniors we work on an age based system. If on a race day in say May you are 14 but on 31 December at the end of the year you will be 15, you would race in the Under 17 class, not Under 15.

Beginners under 19 years can race in their appropriate age class. Beginners over 19 usually race in lower grades as they are generally have less distance and racing intensity than the higher grades. If you find the grade you choose is not as challenging, you can always move up a grade at the next event.


  • Racers riding bikes have right of way over racers pushing bikes.
  • Racers pushing should stay on the least rideable portion of the track when being passed.
  • The leading rider ?owns? the track and lapped riders must yield to leaders.
  • Riders should voice the command ?Track? or ?Rider? when overtaking another.
  • If two riders are vying for position, the leading rider does not have to yield their position to the challenging rider.
  • A rider may not bodily interfere with the intent to impede another rider?s progress.

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