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Membership Types

Senior Membership (19+)
3 Months: $70 (includes $20 club fee)
1 Year: $140 (includes $20 club fee)

Dirt Master (3-12 years old)
1 Year: $45 (includes $5 club fee)

Junior Membership (13-18 years old)
3 Months: $50 (includes $20 club fee)
1 Year: $105 (includes $20 club fee)

CA/BMXA/ADCC (value add) 19 years plus
1 Year: $75 (includes $20 club fee)

Social (with insurance) Any Age
3 Months: $45 (includes $20 club fee)
1 Year: $75 (includes $20 club fee)

Racing Day License (any age)
1 Day: $25

Social/participation day license (any age)
1 Day: $7

IMBA Trail building License (any age)
1 Year: $45

Join Here

To sign up or renew as a member of Perth Mountain Bike Club Click here and follow the instructions. You will receive email confirmation of your membership via email instantly.

Note that an MTBA license lasts for a whole year from the date you join, so you can join anytime and get full use of it.

Perth MTB Club is affiliated with Cycling Australia, which means that if you want a road licence, then you can do that wearing the Blue and Yellow.

The extension to your MTBA license is $198 (This compares to $286 for a CA membership without the MTBA extension).

To qualify for the MTBA extension, your MTBA licence must have 3 months validity remaining. Fill in the membership form and credit card form at fill them out and send them, along with a copy of your MTBA licence to

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