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XC Round 5 Results - Boddington

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By jimmy - Posted on 08 August 2011

Sorry I forgot to do this earlier. Senility must be setting in...

Please let me know if there appear to be any issues.


XC_Round_5_Results.pdf369.67 KB
XC_Round_5_Results.html22.34 KB
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There are two entries that appear for me in the Sport Men category. I actually did finish the race and so the DNF entry should not be there. The accurate entry shows me at position 17 which is fine. Unfortunately the DNF entry made its way into the overall series results where I just noticed it. Would some one be able to correct this please? I don't know how best to contact anyone to get this sorted. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I seem to have been given equal first when I was clearly second by several minutes

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Please send your details to me by email so we can amend the results

name =
race number =
class =
No' of laps you did =
finish position =
total race time (if you have it)=
phone number =


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