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Langford Park Fallen tree on 12 hour track

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By Double G - Posted on 02 November 2011

Rode 12 hour track Tuesday night ,tree down on sandy trail single track between Wizard of Oz and Yellow Brick road .

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Thanks for this.

Are we talking something we can get through with a hand saw - or something that requires DEC to do the machine thing?

If you have a photo - please post.



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Sandy single track? What exactly are we going to be riding on for the 12 hour?

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Chainsaw job for sure,8-10 inch diameter tree limb.sorry no photo
Double G

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Hopefully you will be riding on a bike.

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Zoom, the said sandy single track is about 100 m worth at best. You barely notice it except for the sharp turn for the A-line at the end of it. Like mentioned, it's just around the Wizard of Oz section

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Plus it's pretty hard packed sand and one of the fastest bits of single track in Langford Park.

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log has been relocated successfully. track is great!

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Can someone tell me who relocated it - cause if it was the DEC they must have ran out there when they got my email.

If it was someone else - thatks a Mil!!


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nah it was four of us while riding this arvo, just picked it up and dragged it off.

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Thanks for that!

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