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Chris in Meelup

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By Silverback - Posted on 17 December 2011

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Saw all the photo's yesterday of everyone going through Meelup, but this is the bit of track they cut on us as everyone was waiting to cheer us in (and I was so looking forward to it) especially as it is not a legal track and was only open for the day for us. Oh well will just have to train more and get there quicker next year.

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Still smiling. What a machine!

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I find it hard not to smile when im riding especially on my aweseome Mach 4 in the Cape to Cape which was also awesome lol

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Keddy - you don't need to be a winner for Travis to take your pic - just fall off in front of him now and then!

Nice smiley photo again Chris - nearly as wide as mine was - glad to see a race face with smiley creases rather than a frown - even Jimi Williamson knew no other way but smiling - even when he was at the pointy end of races!

A big thumbs up to Travis - he is always out snapping pix (and occasionally heels!)- even staying to take pix towards the back of races! Travis seems to sometimes get a bit of flack from time to time in these posts, but its nice to have action shots of different events. Keep it up Scratchy!

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