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Just another hard day on the Munda Biddi over Easter...

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By Mamil - Posted on 12 April 2012

Gotta hand it to those Munda Biddi guys, the facilities at the huts are so luxurious these days... or could it be someone just dumped that stuff in the middle of the bush... hmmm.

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A trend we're seeing locally is the dumping of asbestos in the bush. You have to pay $80 and double wrap it in plastic before they'll let you in the tip, so people who don't have it wrapped or don't want to pay head straight out the bush and dump it there. The Shire Council is causing a bigger problem than it's solving.

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Yes, although our three day trip on the Munda Biddi was fantastic, it was also a bit of an eye opener to the way some of our fellow Western Australians just treat the bush as one giant rubbish tip! We saw fridges, cars, building materials (including asbestos) matresses, gas bottles, and other household rubbish.

Ironic that us MTBers aren't supposed to use the trails east of Lockwood road anymore because of the supposed impact we have on the environment, when this sort of indescriminate dumping goes on unabated!

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