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What type of trail do you enjoy?

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By MPN - Posted on 23 January 2013

1% (1 vote)
Open fire road
1% (1 vote)
Pines in Margaret River
19% (16 votes)
9% (8 votes)
Rocky technical climbs
8% (7 votes)
Fast technical descents
22% (19 votes)
Flowing and smooth
40% (34 votes)
Total votes: 86
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I could of voted for 3-4 of these , hard to choose just one.

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Same, couldn't choose just one - what I tend not to like are manicured trails, some of them may as well be bitumised single track.

like: Rough; rocky; loose; open or twisty, ascents (<16%!) or descents; natural obstacles.
Don't like: smooth; bolted together wooden planks; artificial 'features'; and loamy uphills!!

But it takes all types and variety is good Smiling

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After being scared shitless riding/walking/falling the downhill trails at Mt Tarrengower, i wish i was back home riding the gentle MR pines trails. Bone crunching flesh tearing rock gardens scare me

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give me the fast flowy, jump and berm filled margs pines anyday!

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Bar from Bitumen and Open Fire Roads any of the mentioned trail styles are awsome.

Cant wait for the building days to start again, so I can finally start to help build and maintain the tracks I Love and use regularly.


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I'm with Chad on this one.
Give me flowey singletrack with a few climbs (technical & non tech) then drop down into fast berms & drops then repeat & I'm a happy man.
Great scenery & it's even better!

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Marg pines for me - or Mercury St and Muffin tops.......shame we don't have anything like the pines in Perth......unless someone knows...? !!

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Jarrahdale could be turned into something similar

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Rocky, rooty technical climbing and descending trails

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Go back to BC you freak

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Badchef are you advertising that you construct illegal trails?

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The pirates have long trails r ur trails guy

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