You are hereHow much would you pay to wear a PMBC T-Shirt?

How much would you pay to wear a PMBC T-Shirt?

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By MPN - Posted on 14 February 2013

I would not buy one
10% (4 votes)
0% (0 votes)
13% (5 votes)
10% (4 votes)
15% (6 votes)
If the funds went to Trail building I would pay any reasonable price.
53% (21 votes)
Total votes: 40
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Being in a sport where bling and product placement are very much utilised I love the idea of being able to promote the club without wearing a riding shirt and in places where I would not wear one. Happy to be involved in some design work.

Would love to see some of those winter hoodies too Martin Smiling.

Make sure you vote folks as I can see some more money heading the trails way !!.

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The Margaret River club has this nailed I reckon. By offering a t-shirt that isn't made of cotton, it appeals to:
- everyone.

Lycra clad weekend warriors will wear it when not riding Eye-wink
Riders P.L. (pre-lycra) will wear it riding.
Triathletes will wear it when running.

And everyone will wear it to a post ride BBQ (if they know what's good for them!)

Here's Mr Orca's shirt:

NB Note the focus on 'fun' with the sidebar "Dig the Ride". You want that kind of feel to the shirt so that it appeals to more people. There are many people who enjoy the ride without the need to race. Reducing the focus on racing (not eliminating it, just toning it down a bit) would do wonders for the club's membership and participation IMHO.

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I would buy a shirt for a reasonable price.
Great idea.

May I ask exactly how the funding proceeds are going to be spent?
On trail projects state wide?

This would be great for funding of Trail Signage in some lesser known trails networks.

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If we are talking T-shirt, rather than riding shirt, I would much prefer a good quality cotton T-shirt- nicer to feel on the skin, does not pill/stink/snag as easily.
Ladies cut, as well as mens, would be great too!

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Over at NoBMoB we got some tees made by Certton. The classic fabric (190gsm) is good quality and wears well. Printing came out very nice and they were very accommodating with our order of loads of different colours.

I really wanted to avoid ordering from O/S and having a 'Made in Australia' label in there is great. I think it only worked out a few bucks more per shirt so definitely worth looking at if you're of the same mindset:

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Personally, I cant stand the silky shirts over a good cotton or merino (ala Icebreaker) shirt.

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+1 for the mrorca shirts. I just got one and they are awesome, and as mentioned can be worn everywhere as it's not the skin tight roadie wear

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I would not buy one like the MRORCA. Cotton or merino is the go. The Dirt t-shirt I am wearing now has lasted many years and is 100% cotton. The Singletrack shirt is similarly robust from sweat and wears in well.

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There's rather a big difference between cotton and merino wool (price, characteristics). When it comes to the fabric's characteristics, merino wool is much much closer to the fabric that the Mr Orca shirt is made from. Those characteristics include keeping moisture away from the skin, odour resistance (learn to use a washing machine people - seriously, I've had lycra for years that doesn't smell), better in hot weather and cold weather than cotton, super quick drying.

Keep in mind that a cotton shirt will stay wet forever from sweat when riding. And if you wear that cotton shirt to a BBQ in summer, it too will stay wet and the colour changes much more than polyester would when wet. Cotton dyes tend to fade quicker too so your cool new design will not look the same pretty quickly.

And if you prefer cotton for a t-shirt that you wear when not riding then, lets all be serious, how many times are you going to wear a MTB Club t-shirt when not riding? Maybe to a MTB social event? Otherwise, not often I suspect. And if you do, why would a polyester type t-shirt be any worse? Is it because it might be slightly shiny?

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