You are hereWould you pay $5 more per race to help finance a WA junior programme and support our young riders?

Would you pay $5 more per race to help finance a WA junior programme and support our young riders?

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By MPN - Posted on 18 September 2013

43% (12 votes)
43% (12 votes)
Dont Know
14% (4 votes)
Total votes: 28
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I am interested in your input, so those voting no, could you tap in a few words please, to give us your view.


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No, because its already an expensive sport.
I believe in keeping the fees as low as possible to keep the participation numbers high and accessible for the masses.

There is plenty of funding opportunities specifically for this type of scope which are undersubscribed and not being utilised.

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I see votes being cast but alas, few supporting comments. People are so busy nowadays! Well, here I go...
No one gets near the top in sports simply by being assisted. On the contrary, possessing natural determination is one of the key assets without which there is bugger all chance of success. I believe this starts with demonstrating one's passion and commitment by "making do" with whatever equipment and advice one can beg, borrow, scrounge or buy (Not steal)using one's hard earned savings and the support of their family, as well as an attitude that attracts goodwill, FIRST AND FOREMOST, not "compulsorily" obtained handouts. Then will we see fair dinkum grit and guts that will hold graciously under pressure instead of this increasing new breed of egotistic athletes regularly showing their preciousness. And I ain't talking mostly mtb here, though we could end up that way if we don't tread carefully.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all saying that it should not be undertaken, simply that I believe this task should remain the responsibility of State and National bodies using a calculated portion of their membership budget, not by slugging a 25% levy (Or thereabout) on local race entries.
Any further assistance should come from the personal decision of those members of the mtb community who feel strongly enough about it to volunteer their helping hand, as I'm sure they already do. And good on them for it!
My feelings and I stand by them...

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20 Votes.

Do the Maths.

The winner is: Don't care

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It's the same 20 people constantly checking the results. Click your re-fresh on your browser and check the read number.

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Its a wet Sunday morning. Having a look at the MB site. I was one of the Yes votes - I think we get real value for money in our events anyway. I know only negative replies asked for but I think its great to see more and more kids out on mountain bikes - saw a couple of families at Langford park introducing their kids to the joys of mountain biking yesterday - great to see.

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There's no denying that it is great to see, RichardChristie.
The question here, though, is whether we need another mechanism to gather funds on top of what's already done. That's where I argue my disagreement: I think it's an inappropriate vehicle.
I didn't want to take up too much space in my above post but these points can also be chucked in the balance:
1- Is it broke? No, it's not broke. As you say yourself, "there are more and more kids out on mountain bikes". Obviously, the current tools are working so why fix it.
2- We may get real value from our events but for those who participate regularly, I fear it will start to amount. (I can hear you muttering "Why don't they stand up for themselves then?" and you'll be bloody well right!!!)
3- The measure of success of these programs will undoubtedly be to have young riders actively participate in events... where they'll have to pay an extra $5.00 to enter... or will they be the object of a special waiver?
Definitely unwieldy.

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Id be happy to support someone to write and apply for funding opportunities from the sponsorship of bike shops who make money from the sport.

Or even apply for funding to pay an employee to write funding application for the development of junior program which led to a sustainable structure for many years to come.

But to add an extra cost into a simple club activity does not add up in my opinion.
Lets keep the clubs at the grass roots level for activities and accessible to the masses.

But also let the associations help and look after the clubs to keep the club activities fun/cheap and accessible to everyone.

Id be pushing for the overseers of the clubs to take on the responsibility of Junior development and let the clubs just get on with organising the fun stuff of racing/riding and participation.

my 10 cents worth.

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Thanks for all your input.

It's great to see the passion that people have and how it is directed.

PMBC have no intention of putting up our race fees.

More information to follow soon.



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Can we keep the poll open?
Lets have a open and fair discussion from the people who voted "yes"?!

I assure you, I can put forward a legitimate and fair argument for "yes" as well.

.... Fair cop!!!!

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I have no problem with keeping the discussion open, though I don't believe any "Yes" voters failed to comment because they felt they weren't welcome.
Meanwhile, there is one thing that's pretty glaring:
Out of 400+ reads (even excluding the re-reads), the topic has only managed to attract 4 commentators, which I would tend to think makes it a win for the "Not even interested" who had a look and couldn't be bothered.
Would it be fair to say that this probably leans them towards a NO rather than a YES?

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Reason: - which of these on the brief alphabetical list below, would this rate lower as a priority of donating $? Or: Which of these organisations should I divert the money from?
Abused Child Trust
Alzheimer's Australia
Amnesty International Australia
Arthritis Australia
Australian Foundation for Disabled
Breast Cancer Institute of Australia
Cancer Council
Children's Cancer Institute Australia
Conservation Volunteers Australia
Cystic Fibrosis WA
Medecins Sans Frontieres
Mental Health Research Institute
Muscular Dystrophy Association of WA (INC.)
Royal Flying Doctor Service
Seeing Eye Dogs Australia
St Vincent De Paul Society
The Cancer Council
The Fred Hollows Foundation
World Vision Australia

There are a few more such organisations - Now if you charged $5 extra and donated it to one of these charities then it would be a yes.

But this is just one point of view.

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I don't want to distract from the goodwill in your suggestion but: Not necessarily Oldenslower.
I have a business and I'm continuously approached for donations by some of the larger charities and a lot of schools and sporting clubs.
Way back, I decided that surely the parents of kids going to a school or belonging to a sport club could make the effort of sponsoring their requirements.
On the other hand, there're a lot of unfortunate people who are suffering real hardship because of no fault of their own. I opted for sick kids (Leukemia, PMH, Starlight and a bit of a deviation into Blue Light to help the kids on the verge of wandering off, back into the fold of society). So (without asking or wishing anyone to praise my actions) I already give what I can. Consequently, I would consider as misplaced my mtb club deciding to apply a levy in order to donate to charity, regardless of its worthiness.

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To play devil’s advocate. Say we support a local rider all the way to becoming a World Champion. By all measures that is a success. What do the Western Australian riding community get out of it? We inside the MTB community are very proud of Sam Hill achievements in his stellar career but I don’t see his career in turn translating into much currency outside of the MTB community.

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The $5 would come out of the percentage I donate to charities at present.

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