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Do you use Strava when mountain biking?

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By Jake_WAMBA - Posted on 16 October 2013

Yes all the time
49% (66 votes)
15% (20 votes)
I have in the past
7% (9 votes)
No, never
22% (30 votes)
What's Strava
7% (10 votes)
Total votes: 135
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I did go through a stage of Strava being on every ride but then realised that I was missing something by subconsciously making every ride competitive.

Yeah, it's a great app & a great training tool but you'll miss some of the best stuff about biking if you're too hooked.

Sometimes it's good to simply kick back & enjoy the ride.

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There's a lot more to strava than KOM's and PR's.
There's the social aspect of knowing what your mates have been up to, sharing of routes, pictures, mileage of my kit, exploration of new areas, cumulative tallies of my activity, etc.
If I was racing all the time I'd hate it too.

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Thanks everyone who has voted. And if you haven't please do so.

As well as being a bit of fun, this information is valuable for trail advocacy. Trail counters tell us that around 33,000 bikes ride Camakazi a year. But they can't tell us how many different users this is made up of.

1464 people have logged Strava times on this trail. This poll can help us estimate what percentage of riders use Strava and hence the total number of riders.

ie a "No" answer is just as important, but what we really need is lots of data, so vote away.

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