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2014 News and presentations

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By MPN - Posted on 14 December 2013

Howdy members

Its going to be a great year in 2014.

But first, I would like to clear the air about presentation and trophy expectations for 2013.

It has been a turbulent year for the PMBC committee and none of you would have probably noticed.

But to cut aside the nonsense, we worked very hard to make the year end presentation happen, but our ability to achieve this was redirected to the Dusk Till Dawn, we simply did not have enough volunteers and time to get all the required work done, on multiple fronts.

This does not mean that you will not be recognised for your efforts, we are working on getting the website updated, so that your names will appear on the front page, I am also personally putting together gold leafed certificates for you to hang on your wall.

We are proposing an AGM and presentation evening, date and place to be confirmed for the new year.

We are few and working hard to be many.

PMBC is under new management, we are friendly, open minded and believe in equal opportunity, we need your help, we have funds, tools and the ability to put together professional events, where all funds go back into MTB and not into a business enterprise.

Our members, you we need, you have so much to offer each other, it is your club, not ours.

Please come forward, step up and tell us what you have to offer, we only need a little bit of your time, not all of it.

I look forward to a great year ahead and meeting all of you on the trails.

Best regards and Merry Xmas

Martin Nugent
Chairperson and XC Coordinator 2013

Best Mountain Bike