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WA Cross Country Grading

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By ashley g - Posted on 05 February 2014

Hello All,

This is an introduction to the new grading system for 2014. We no longer have age based categories, except for U9 and U13 as they ride a much smaller course. You will ride with people that are as good as you, it will be competitive and you'll always have someone to yarn with as you ride.

Grades are:
Male - A, B, C, D, E, F
Female - A, B, C
U9 & U13

We really want to have more female grades, but at the moment there just aren't enough riders to justify this ie only about 5 women in each race. Next year we will re-assess and hopefully be adding more grades to make the racing closer and even more fun.

The attached is meant to be a guide for you to choose the correct grade for the first race. If you find that you need to change grade after the first race, that is ok. For people that are clearly in the wrong grade they can move. For series points we will just ignore the first race and replace it with their average from the rest of the series.

We have calculated these positions based on last years results, you can see the races and your score for each in the document. What we don't know is what you've done since last year, sat on the couch and ate potato chips or smashed out 500km a week. Some of you only did one race too, which means the calculated result is less reliable as you may have had a flat tire etc.

So, it is up to you to choose your grade using this document AND your knowledge of how you are doing relative to last year. You want to be in the correct grade, if you choose the wrong one you will stand out because this is going to be very close racing. We will do a quick scan through for any people that register in a very different grade to their calculated grade.

Please try your best to interpret the instructions in the attached document before asking questions. Hopefully it makes sense.

Happy racing. PS Marrinup entry will open early next week, check the calendar for more info.


wa_xc_grading_v1.0.pdf704.55 KB
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The grading process looks pretty straight forward. Will the points for all 6 rounds count towards the overall standings or will it be the 5 best results as per a couple of years back?


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With all the different grades are there going to be 11 individual starts and how many laps are each grade be required to do.

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There will be a wave 1 and 2 tje laps each grade does can be found on the actual post for the race.

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Yep, as per above comment.

This link will take you to the Marrinup laps.


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If you want to be series champion, you need to be on form for all races. All 6 series races count. You cannot drop a race.


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Also with only 2 Waves going will there be a gap at all between the grades as they head off? So to avoid cross grade hold ups?

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Check out the Marrinup info page here: for this race you can see that all grades in wave 1 start together, same with wave 2. We will see how this works out.

It actually doesn't make sense to have a gap as there will actually be better passing opportunity on the start line rather than on course. The 2 min gaps would also not be enough to avoid all crossover, and in some cases closer to 10 mins would be required. If we went to 10 mins you would then get grades lapping others(more passing).

Should be good to see a big pack fight for the lead too Smiling

Hope this helps.

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No worries.

Don't get me wrong I am not really racing to win just to have some fun so it doesn't matter, but I remember a gap last year. Sure 2 minutes isn't much and the chances of fast D grade guys catching the slower C grade is pretty much 100% however at least they will know were they are in that grades field. Pretty much the guy who wins D grade will only know this because there wont be any other D grade guys around him when he gets off his bike haha.

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I've raced in events where they used colour coded ribbons tied to your saddle or seat post as well as colour coded or number series number boards to help indicate who you're racing against in mass start events.

Start line seeding is another option, and if based on current series position can help promote series participation.

Just some ideas, but it's probably too late to implement for the 1st round even presuming they were wanted. Maybe the grades will be on the number boards anyway?

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Seems a bit hard for all us shift workers and fifo guys who because of work commitments can't make all the races.
Did post up in the other thread with the large amount of people starting in the wave start how about artlineing on the back of particepents calves what grade they are in

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afternoon all.
Thanks for all your opinions and suggestions. we appreciate all the feedback and concerns.
A lot of thought has gone into the design and timing of categories. Many suggestions were raised, and ideas tabled and several pre event meetings. The race organizing committee had to make a decisions and what we have come up with we hope will work out the best on the day. we also had to consider the heat of the day and the real need to end the event as early as possible to avoid the expected 34 degree heat.
Your ideas have been considered and the idea behind identifying categories is still being decided, as I personally am a fan of this..
I, along with all the PMBC committee, awesome volunteers and Mike and the staff at Avanti Cannington hope you enjoy the Marrinup event and go away excited for the next race in the series.

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Thanks for all your work Ash!

With 200+ riders its going to be an awesome day!
Thank you to all the others that helped with this event as well.


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