You are hereWould you ride a Nation Round if it was in WA?

Would you ride a Nation Round if it was in WA?

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By ashley g - Posted on 19 May 2014

Yes, XC please
47% (79 votes)
Yes, DH please
7% (12 votes)
Yes, XC and DH please
12% (20 votes)
No, I don't think I'm good enough
22% (36 votes)
No, I don't do races
12% (20 votes)
Total votes: 167
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Hey guys. I've just moved to Perth from another country and was heavily involved in Downhill over there. After settling into Perth for a year and a half now, i really would like to get back into it, was wondering if there are any downhill clubs and was wondering how often do you guys go downhill? Hope to hear from you soon as I'm also wanting to get back into it to make new friends. Cheers Smiling

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happy to come play around on the bike and volunteer

much more my thing, my GF is good behind a bbq,
get back to me when u need me

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Peel districts do the downhill racing in wa. They do a great job with what little hills we have here and limited venues, also for gravity enduro there is WAGE who run a series. Both seasons are finished for the year but work has already started in the 2015 calendar which looks very exciting. Check them both out on facebook

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Cheers mate. Who exactly do i check out on facebook?

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Perth mtb for all your local xc
Peel districts for all your dh and heckling
WA Gravity Enduro (WAGE) for your gravity enduro
Kalamunda Collective do social rides and are the biggest social mtb club in perth

Jeremiah you can find all these on facebook

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What classes would they run here?

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Hi Hudson,

They will be MTBA classes to be in line with UCI and all that so. Elite, Expert and so on with Vets, Masters, Super Masters and I would assume a sports category.

Something for everyone. Smiling

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