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Rubbish on Trails

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By MPN - Posted on 20 May 2014

I would just like to offer some kind advice.


It will create problems for us in the future when organising races and social rides.


Thank you for listening


Martin Nugent
President PMBC

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I agree. I was shocked how many wrappers I saw on the trail during the D50.

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Hint - empty gels into small plastice bottle, then dont have to faff around opening gel wrapper. Lot of gel makers sell them, I use a Hammer nutrition one

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Same for tubes,since when has it become cool to hang your dead tube from a tree? Ffs if you can carry it in you can carry it out,I'm running out of space in my pack picking up this shit,the bush is not a rubbish tip

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Being in the fat middle of the field (or is it the big rear), our members have a little more ride time to take care with our wrappers. However I did see one of our member do the tear squeeze and toss in a fashion so well executed, it seemed well practised. I was shocked. And saddened.

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whether I am social riding or racing, I always roll mine up and shove mine up the legs of my knicks, or if wearing shorts - in a pocket or even my jersey pocket.
yes it can be messy at the end of a ride if it leaks, but who cares - You are mountain biking and most probably be washing your kit post ride anyway.

there is no excuse for throwing your wrappers away.

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I had a complete brainfart while doing the old Anaconda Adventure race down in Augusta a few years ago.

While climbing Heartbreak hill in about 20th place at the time, I squeezed out a gel and then without even considering it, just let it drop. I think that was a first time for me, but no excuse.

Anyway, one of the pro women was coming up the hill behind me yelled at me for doing it. I was straight back down the hill maybe 30m to go and get it and jammed it up my knicks to dispose of later.

Doesn't matter how good, or how fast or even if you've only got a 2 second lead over second place, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to spoil our great bush. If you can't bring it out, dont bring it to begin with!!

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Radar36, bit of editing in the last sentence... Good on you for the extra (costly no doubt) effort!
I stopped at TBE on the way down to Dwelly on Sat for some gels and grabbed Clif Shot gels because the tear-off tab is actually tied to the gel enveloppe (called "Litter Leash") so it doesn't separate.
I thought it was pretty cluey as I always find the tab the hardest part to grab from between my teeth and store away, with gloved fingers.

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This should be included as part of all race briefings. If you are caught littering you will be disqualified.

People respond better there are consequences to actions.

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I leave my empty Gel wrapppers in my jersey when I chuck it in the washing machine and then after the wash cycle you throw the wrappers in the bin and you don't get your hands all sticky.

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Have you noticed whether it also has the effect of making the spin cycle last longer at top speed......

ps. litter sucks, it is my understanding (happy to be corrected) that one of the rules of racing is that you take out what you take in so anyone breaking the rule should be penalised in the same way they would be if they break any other rule. As always policing it becomes the issue.

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Hey CyclinAl,

Thanks for picking that up, I couldn't see it in there for about a minute. For some reason it won't let me edit my post, so for the moment it will need to stay, but needless to say I meant, "DON'T" bring it in if you "DON'T" intend on bringing it out.

But apparently I can edit this post. Strange.

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Maybe for every person you catch littering on camera they take 5sec off your race time Eye-wink

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I have edited it for you Radar so as to cause no confusion with your great intent.

Cheers Chris

I also observed the most litter I have seen in a recent event and I know that most everyone will be disapointed in that, I suspect at times it is not intentional ie getting something else out from your rear pocket and not even realising but if you have a system such as the gel bottles or from one pocket to another it should avoid what we saw on the weekend.

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I've noted over the years that wearing fingerless gloves it's a lot easier to feel the gel into your jersey pocket. The times I've noticed I've dropped a wrapper it has always been while I've been wearing full finger gloves. A lot of riders seem to go full finger gloves nowadays, I wonder if there is any correlation?

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