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Goat Farm Race - We Need You!

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By ashley g - Posted on 27 May 2014

Hey All,

I am posting this with the hope of getting some keen helpers for this weekend and hopefully extending that to pre-race stuff for future events Smiling
Basically Martin and I are wearing a bit thin doing a lot of the work at these races and are keen to avoid a train-wreck, so would like to teach as many people as we can to spread the load.

PS. I am racing in wave 1 so there is an opportunity for someone to step up and run the timing. We can sort any issues after I finish Smiling

Please Reply by email/post/PM if you can help

Can you please respond to me just so I know if you're able to help out. I'll need the following info from you:

  1. Are you racing? If yes, what grade?
  2. What hours can you help? (We start at 7am and finish at 2pm)
  3. Are you able to help on course ie you have a bike?
  4. Anyone who likes talking? We're always looking for variety in the race commentary.

If you can please get back to me by Friday it would be great. This will allow me to allocate tasks and let you know what you're doing before Sunday.

What's involved

Just generally (for those who haven't helped before) its all simple stuff like:

  • Handing out number plates
  • Telling people how many laps they have to do etc(you'll have an info sheet)
  • Setting up and packing up tents/tables/chairs/generators
  • arrows and bunting etc
  • setting up timing system

A small thank you

Volunteers helping set up and pack up on Sunday, can make use of free race entry. Either for themselves or one friend/partner etc. Use code "volunteer" when signing up for the race here:

Looking forward to a great weekend!

Please forward to a friend.



PMBC Secretary

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Hi Ash, I'm still good to help from 7 until whenever you need. I'm down to race Women's C. Kate

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PM sent.

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PM Sent

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Thank you to everyone who put their hand up! We've got 15+ awesome helpers and only 5 who aren't racing (mostly partners).

I'll get in touch with you asap with details of when/where/what etc.


PS I'm registered, woohoo Smiling

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