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By MrMez - Posted on 30 July 2014

Rode a bit of this a few weeks ago with a mate, but neither of us had time to properly explore the options.

GPS tracks are probably a bit much to ask for, but does anyone have any info on the best starting point, or any general advice etc?


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I assume you mean the ones near Mundaring Weir hotel that run from North Ledge Road down to Mundaring Weir road.

Best (Only) place to start is here, Google Earth = 31 degrees, 56 minutes, 37.38 seconds south and 116 degrees, 09 minutes, 52.48 seconds East. Here is a pic

The Black line is the route for the shuttle vehicle which starts at the end point of the DH trails near Mundy Weir rd.

The other trails in this Google screen capture are standard MTB rides. The bottom part of the DH trails are not on this jpg.

There are a number of trails down the run, I would strongly suggest you did slow runs to begin with as there are a couple of 'nasty' sections (well they are on my 100mm travel XC and hardtail) that can catch you out if you don't know whats coming - but you would do that anyway Smiling


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Thanks Laughing out loud

I think thats where we shuttled from last time, just seems like there could/should have been something a little higher up.

When we rode it was my 3rd time on a DH bike (first on my own DH bike), and the setup was terrible so didn't jump anything decent, but it was all fairly standard stuff. Probably better to on a 6" bike, but if I plan to do this DH holiday in a few months I need to get cracking on this bike.

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hey mate, abit late but how many tracks are there at the shuttle point? and are there more than one shuttle points? i myself i have not been up there yet but i am curious

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