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National XCO rounds for WA Jan 2015 and Jan 2016

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By ttmtb - Posted on 09 August 2014

The Perth Mountain Bike Club and Pemberton Mountain Bike Park have secured not 1, but 2 National XCO rounds for WA over the next 2 years.

Dealing with Shane Coppin (MTBA)and Mark Hudson (Pemberton)has been fantastic. Shane has listened to our concerns and more importantly, our ideas and has made it happen.

The full press release can be read here:

To make it worthwhile for the eastern states riders to travel, we are holding 2 rounds, over 2 days, on 2 different tracks at the Pemberton MTB park.

The benefits to running the rounds in Pemberton, in comparison to Metro based are as follows:

• It has multiple National level race courses in the same spot
• On average, it is 5 degrees cooler in Pemberton in January than it is in Perth
• The Pemberton MTB park is right on a swimming pool (natural dammed up creek) perfect for that time of year.
• The courses are awesome for a national round (technically and climbing wise)
• Accommodation options are potentially easier in Pemberton
• Great area for spectators and families (better than any other option near Perth)
• There is NO driving or next to no driving once you are there as everything is near the MTB park.
• Beautiful part of WA with numerous wineries and breweries close by.
• The local community will be right behind the event
• We will be able to provide a meal, Presentations and social function on the Saturday night (riders to pay and we would include this on the entry as an option)

Plus, if anyone DNF's day 1, round 1, they can still race day 2, round 2 for completely separate points and prizes, and they haven't wasted a trip to WA.

On top of this, for the first time, there will be Under 13 racing. I have the perfect course in mind for this too about 1.5 kms long

Every round will also have Category 2 UCI points attached to it.

So get excited XC racers and fans alike, this will be the biggest and best XCO racing you will ever take part in, or spectate at in WA.

Tony Tucknott

Best Mountain Bike