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WAMBA state squad coordinator required

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By ashley g - Posted on 18 August 2014

Message from WAMBA:

Seeking a representative to drive a potential WAMBA state squad pathway initiative.

If you, or your club, are interested in junior development, particularly in relation to high performance athletes, it would be great if you could volunteer to be involved representing WAMBA. You have the opportunity to bring the potential benefits to juniors across the state in addition to your own club's aspirations.

Broadly, the WA Institute of Sport Developing Champions Program involves delivering a quality life skills education program to talented, young athletes through a couple of half-day or full-day workshops.

The only commitment required at this time is:
attendance at a 1 hour meeting with Department of Sport and Recreation and WestCycle
liaise with WestCycle (Toby Hodgson) on behalf of WAMBA for this program
reporting back to WAMBA at the next committee meeting
suggesting / recommending some further actions to move this forward

Beyond this, you are not required to extend your commitment, but we would need to ensure that somebody could easily pick it up if needed, so would like some clear next steps defined.

For more information / background, please read the below email from Toby at WestCycle (or reply to Toby, CC'd), who is coordinating involvement of various WA cycling bodies in this project. The dates Toby has proposed for the DSR meeting are 8am either weeks 24 August to 29th or 1st to 4th September.

Thanks for your consideration of this, and please pass on to your clubs to see if we can find someone to take the lead on this. If this interests you, please let me know by return email.

I will raise at the WAMBA meeting on 2nd September if we have not received a response by then also.

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Project description:

WAIS and DSR are offering a program of athlete education for those who are potential WAIS scholarship recipients. It is good value and requires personal commitment, minimum administration and free. Finer details will need to be worked out in collaboration with CycelSport WA, BMX WA, WAIS and DSR

WAMBA would require some kind of selection process, and seek expressions of interest from the WA Mt Bike community, for potential recipients.This might be the start of the WAMBA state squad pathway.

Meeting Agenda: that’s to be determined by DSR, but in essence it would be about how the program works and how we could access it.

Meeting time: probably 1 hour.

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