You are hereWould you race SS category at PMBC XC events??

Would you race SS category at PMBC XC events??

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By ptpete - Posted on 10 December 2014

25% (7 votes)
54% (15 votes)
21% (6 votes)
Total votes: 28
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Pete - I ride and race my single speed mountain bike exclusively. I cannot make it to all races due to other commitments, but during the 2014 season I found that less and less people rode a single speed at races, and at the Duns 3 hrs and the state XC champs I think I was the only one. Here is for hoping that more people will show up on single speeds in 2015!


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Hey Tobi,
Thanks for your reply mate, and good to hear you are exclusively SS'ng. I went out on my maiden voyage over the weekend and had a ball, though rocky balboa is a different climb with only 1 gear.

We need at least 3 people per race to make it viable, and I would like to see at least 6 to make it a more competitive environment, rather than 3 people just coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd all the time.
It is only just an expression of interest so far, and will see how the voting goes as to whether I propose something to the committee.

Thanks again


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Hi Pete

Rocky Balboa is not so bad apart form the one rocky step with the sharp left hand turn where you need to really shift your weight. Try Whore No More or Full length Elevator. I cannot make it up either of them! Frustrating!

There are a few guys out there on single speeds. Hopefully we can motivate them for the PMBC rounds. For the national rounds in Pemberton, I am not so sure. Not even sure I will make it down south for it, yet. Hope to catch you on the trails! Cheers. Tobi

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Hi guys,

I would race in a single speed class as I only do xc single speed but it has to be alongside the faster guys not sport class as years before.
I think most guys who ride single speed will be roughly expert class as well, although I would probably be at the back end of the class.
As another note, personally I like the longer race and being able to be in the same race as the local legends.
I would still race with my single speed if I was in the class or not. I ride for fun not medals.

thanks for a asking for our opinion I hope I helped.

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cheers for all your feedback and messages.
I understand that putting a No vote above has no real value and realised this shortly after posting the survey.
As explained to several people I have discussed this with. Its a work in progress and something that would probably only be presented to the committee s part of the normal XC series.. not the national round. I also believe John Carney puts a single speed category in his events too.
I too agree with the placing of the category above that of sport. With the requirement to maintain a good pace (momentum) and typical single speeders are not new to the sport, but absolute nutters with a few years of mtb'ing under their belt looking for something different. (total assumptive comments) it would be nice to be in or around a category with good average speed, though Marrinup may pose a struggle on the fire road spinning at 180rpm to maintain maximum speed.
Once the calendar for 2015 is out, I will re address the viability of the category and update all then.

p.s. I reserve the right to chuck the sh!ts with my single speed and go back to gears.. though I am having too much fun at present just riding the trails looking for berms and jumps, without thinking about cadence and tension to think this will happen anytime soon.

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Juniors should not be allowed to ride single speeds so they don't end up with wrecked knees.

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John runs the single speed category in his races correct - but I was the only person who did all 3 (4 hour / 6 hour / 50-50) on my s/s. The 4 hour had 2 of us, the 6 hour was only me - i think there were 4 at most in the 50-50.

so as nice as it would be not sure how many there would be each time unfortunately.

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It all comes down to whether I make the events or not, but if I can make it then I'll be on S/S. Not so much the club races but the longer events (4 hour, 6 hour, 50/50, etc.) would be fun.

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