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Murray Valley Trails Update

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By ashley g - Posted on 13 January 2015

(Information provided by Sam at WAMBA. Get behind this because it will be awesome! Cheers, Ash)

A brief update on the Murray Valley trail building process:

The second meeting was held this week to discuss Common Ground progress so far and their initial thoughts. There are certainly some challenges with the concept planning as there is a lot of area to cover and we want to wring the best out of it as well as catering to varied user groups. Needless to say Common Ground have done a great job so far and what they have presented is very exciting. The concept plan will be completed in February and will be distributed at that point for all to view.

Following this, detailed design (ie exactly what the tracks will look like) and then construction will occur. We will be applying for funding for these this year.

Each step of the process is independent and assessed accordingly. At the end we hope to have assisted in creating a top class facility for recreational users that provides a unique riding experience in WA. All types of users from XC to All Mountain and Downhill will be catered for in time. DPaW deserve a thanks as they have a strong vision in making this happen on their land.

Will let you know of any updates as they arise.



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Where exactly is the Murray Valley location that is being talked about? Thanks.

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Dwellingup - Lane Poole Reserve way

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