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2015 February Presidents Communication

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By Silverback - Posted on 08 February 2015

Hi Everyone,

Firstly thanks to those of you who have stepped forward this year as Committee Members or as PMBC Legends, the club was indeed in desperate need of a fresh injection of enthusiastic and motivated people to play a part in driving the club forward. I know many of you made it to the AGM and social function and it was great to chat with you all and start the process of making 2015 a great year for PMBC and MTB in Perth and WA. I look forward to meeting the rest of you, new to PMBC or old and working together to have a fun, successful and efficient year of racing.

So all but one the major committee positions have been filled at this time which is fantastic and we have a large number of you who have stepped forward to assist in running the club over this year.

President: Chris Park
Vice President: Neil Rattray
Secretary: Toni Jenkinson
Treasurer: Jordan Masters
Junior Development: Jenny Wardle
XCO & XCM Race Coordinator: Vacant (details below)

General Committee Members:
Nationals Race Coordinator: Tony Tucknott
Cyclocross Race Coordinator: Greg Murison

PMBC Legends: Martin Nugent, Ashley Genefaas, Nilss Johnston, Kristin West, Nicole Edwards, John Farrell, Mark Oakes, Declan Von Dietze, Chris Mullane, Melina Armelli, Adam Carson, Peter Byatt, Alane Lapelerie, James Thompson, Bert Floss, David Niven, Cam Algie, Nick Algie and Riley Jenkinson.

Wow, what a response from you all, our members coming forward to say this club/lifestyle means enough for you to give your very valuable time and energy. Thanks from the bottom of my heart on behalf of all the clubs members.

Firstly I would like to start with a committee meeting on the 25th of February (6.30pm) at the Dept of Sports and Recreation (DSR) in Leederville. Obviously it would be great to have as many of you as possible there for the first meeting but if you can’t be there I have attached the draft agenda for this meeting and I invite you to contribute any items you would like to discuss. Please let me know ASAP if this date is suitable so I can book the room early this week, this date is still to be confirmed at this time.

I do want to make special mention in this communication of our first agenda point which will be to appoint race coordinators for each of our five events this year. While we do need help in many areas this is the most vital set of jobs to fill at this time. Jarrahdale’s new XCM event on the 7th of June is first up and also our biggest challenge this year in being a new event. I will begin talks with Jarrahdale’s Shire this week to establish some contacts and we need to get a course mapped out as soon as possible so we can start the application process. So you may be thinking that’s a massive job, well it is but if we all work together as a team we can easily accomplish this and all our other races this year. We have a full suite of race coordinator instructions and myself and other experienced members will be there to help you through in the background, you may wish to form a team of two or three to work together. Please think about this most important part of the puzzle and if you can step forward to take the glory and personal satisfaction of knowing you made that race happen. Also please remember your efforts will be rewarded this year which is a high priority part of my tenure as President this year.

There is so much more I want to say and talk about but don’t want to overwhelm anyone with too much information and if you have questions, concerns or queries do not hesitate to come and ask me. I see my role this year as creating three things, an engaged and able team of legends, a fun and rewarding atmosphere and building succession planning for the clubs future. If I can achieve all that in this year with your help I will feel I have met my goals as the Club President so thanks again to you all and here’s to a great year of MTB fun in Perth and WA.

Warmest Regards

Chris Park
Perth Mountain Bike Club
Ph: 0419905133

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