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PMBC & AvantiPlus Cannington Present XCO State Series Rnd 1 - Marrinup Circuit

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By Silverback - Posted on 16 December 2015

Sunday, 10 April, 2016 (All day)

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

6 hours
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I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Marrinup (Dwellingup)
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2016 XCO State Series

PMBC & AvantiPlus CanningtonPresents - 2016 XCO State Series Round 6 - Marrinup

A one off fee of $5.00 is being charged with this race to cover the cost of the State Series number plate and RFID tags.

Please ensure you retain you number plate through the season, replacement number plates will require a $5.00 payment at registration for subsequent races if you lose your plate.

Parking Info !!!
Parking will be as per the dusk till dawn and last year with parking on the fairway. So come in off Bandicoots road which is left off del park road going out of the Dwellingup town site and follow the signs to the golf course.

Then you will get to the Carriage Club gate and we will have someone there. We will be asking for a gold coin donation for the Carriage Club. Also could everyone be aware to follow the marked track past the dressage area on the fairway just after you come through the gate. We dont want to drive over the horse area and cause issues for the GG's later on.

Second Wave anytime before 1100

Grade Laps Est. lap time Start Est. Finish
Number Plate collection First Wave 0730 0830
Kids Click here for kids coaching
U9 20min 5-10min 0800 0830
U13 20min 5-10min 0830 0900
Wave 1
Men A 4 19-21min 0900 1016-1024
Women A 4 22-26min 0900 1016-1032
Men B 4 21-23min 0900 1028-1044
Men C 3 23-25min 0900 1009-1015
Wave 2
Women B 3 26-30min 1130 1248-1300
Men D 3 25-28min 1130 1245-1254
Men E 3 28-30min 1130 1254-1300
Women C 2 30-35min 1130 1230-1240
Under 15 2 30-35min 1130 1230-1240
Under 17 2 30-35min 1130 1230-1240

If you are keen to lend a hand with this event please email us at

More Details to follow closer to the race date !!!

Who's in?
jackthelad, TrekWrekka, michaelp7757, Silverback, tRicky, ptpete, JohnH, Callum Hunter, Toby Davis, jrayfield22, cburton3232, Bradthelad, Pedmonst, arron.leahy@gma..., chris629, nicholas Mondello, AlexJackson, Francesk, lozzatron, Schubie (20 riders)
jackthelad TrekWrekka michaelp7757 Silverback tRicky ptpete JohnH Callum Hunter Toby Davis jrayfield22 cburton3232 Bradthelad Pedmonst chris629 nicholas Mondello AlexJackson Francesk lozzatron Schubie
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Hi Guys.
What's the lowdown on entry forms.
New to this so not sure on the process.

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Entries are opened online around 3 weeks before each XCO race. This willbe linked here on the website and PMBC Facebook at the time.

Also if you are not already on the mailing list click on the link below and add yourself and then you will get newsletter and entry links as they are opened.

Any questions feel free to PM me.


Chris Park
PMBC President

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Appreciate the info.

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I'm sure Chris will provide an update this week but just an "heads up" that there is a Carriage Club Event on all weekend and we will have to access the golf course via the bottom gate and not as described above.

The access to the golf course parking crosses the race course so this will need to be managed by a Marshall.

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Online Registrations close at 12pm tonight for
State Series Round One - Marinup

We have nearly cracked 200 riders for the first XCO race of 2016 and its great to see huge numbers coming out.

If you have not registered get in now and sign up as there are no on the day rego's

We will email all entrants tomorrow with parking details and a map but please be advised we will be entering Marinup off Freeman road this year due to an event on at the Carriage Club. This will mean a marshaled crossing of the course at the bottom gate to the parking area. So if you are arriving during the first wave please be patient while we get your safely across the cross over.

We cant wait to see you all there for a massive day of XCO racing. AvantiPlus Cannington will be there with a demo fleet of the new Scott bikes so have a chat with Mike and the team about these race bread ripping machines and take one for a ride.

See you all there on Sunday !!!!

PMBC Race Crew

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Click on the results link below and it will give you all the competitors by selecting your grade.

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Hi All,

Thanks very much for entering the race and we are looking forward to a great day on Sunday, there is a chance of some scattered light rain which will be great for the track. Please take the time to read the important info below about the race and parking so you are prepared. Any questions please feel free to email me back and ill answer asap.

• We will be entering off Del Park Road onto Freeman Rd this year, please see the map below. We have to enter from the back end of the gold course this year due to a carriage club event that is running on Sunday at the top end of the golf course. (there will be a big sign marking Freeman Road when you arrive)

• Freeman road is a pea gravel road with blind corners and we are please asking you to go slow and take your time, it’s essentially a one way road in some parts. This applies to arriving and leaving, please be cautious as we would hate to have anyone injured or cars damaged.

• This will also mean we will be crossing the race course to arrive and leave. Please be patient with the marshals as yours and the riders safety is paramount

• We encourage you to arrive nice and early to pick up your plates, we will be ready to go from 7.30am. If you are riding the second wave and arriving while wave one is riding there may be a wait to cross the track in your vehicle. If you can arrive earlier before the first wave start at 9am that would be a great plan.

• If you want to leave after the first wave it would be best to do so before the 11.30 start as again we may have to delay you. Of course we would love you to stay and support the other riders, check out the AvantiPlus demo bikes and be there for presentations.

• Please give a gold coin donation at the parking entry, we donate this to the carriage club who give us access to the fairways and are very supportive.

• Please be ready 15 mins before the race start to hear the race brief, we have over 200 entrants so courtesy and looking after each other will as always be important.

• If you are going for a ride on Saturday before the event please be advised the Carriage Club will be having the first day of their event and the main fire road will have horses and carts so please exercise caution when riding in this area and obey any signs. (this will not occur on race day)

• My mobile is on the bottom of this email, please add it to your phone then on race day if there is an emergency you can call me directly.

• Finally enjoy yourself and have a great event 

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Results are up for XCO 1 Marinup

Thanks everyone for being patient as we usually do have results up live as the race is going. We have uploaded full results online, just select your grade then click on the category position (c/pos)column after the last lap column to sort. Click on your name to get full race times.

Thanks again to everyone racing and involved it was a great day and some great racing.

Cheers and see you at Kalamunda on the 8th of May, rego will be open later this week

Chris and the PMBC Race Crew

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The method you've stated only sorts by the last lap time, not overall time. Is it possible to get total race times uploaded? I know results are a pain as I've dealt with them before.


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Hi Ricky,

I have slightly reworded the instructions above as it was quite late last night when we got the work around up. You need to click on the last c/pos column to sort the grade results in order.

We are still working on some issues so it loads up as normal however we are ourselves waiting on the software developer to fix the issue in the program.

Send me a PM if you still cant get it to work.

Thanks Chris

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Thanks, actually the upload seems to have changed and now lists in cumulative time order, even though there are no total race times listed, so at least I have an idea of how rubbish I am!

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