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WA XCO State Championships presented by PMBC - Goat Farm

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By Silverback - Posted on 16 December 2015

Sunday, 11 September, 2016 (All day)

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Goat Farm
Meeting Point: 

Greenmount Rise in Greenmount. Near the corner of Scott St and Great Eastern Highway.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

The Goat Farm returns! PMBC bring you the 2016 WAMBA XCO State Champs in one of the premier riding locations in WA.

Before you read the following information, please understand that you must register online before 11.59pm Friday the 9th Sept. You cannot enter on race day

The Course
The Course will be open for practice on the Saturday in the afternoon and there will be a PMBC Event to encourage new people to enter the State Champs with a familiarization session with some of our elite riders. More details to follow

These are preliminary laps and times as a guide and will be updated once the course has been finalised. The State Championship race will follow MTBA categories as ran last year at Margaret River. This allows a stepping stone up to national level which follows MTBA categories.

Your age is based on how old you will be on the last day of this year. eg if you are 18 now, but turn 19 this year, you are not Under 19.

Number Plate collection 07:30 09:00

U13 9-12yrs 30min 5-10min 08:30 09:00
U9 3-8yrs 20min 5-10min 08:30 08:50

PLEASE NOTE: The lap and distances are a guide, once the actual course is finalised we will confirm exact laps, distance and expected times.

Wave 1 - Briefing at 09:00
Grade Age Limits Laps Dist(km)Estlaptime Start Est. Finish Time
ELITE MEN n/a 6 36 19-21 09:15:00 11:10-11:20
EXPERT MEN n/a 5 30 20-24 09:17:00 11:00-11:15
VETERANS MEN 30/39 5 30 20-26 09:19:00 11:00-11:15
ELITE WOMEN n/a 5 30 24-26 09:21:00 11:20-11:30
EXPERT WOMEN n/a 4 24 26-28 09:23:00 11:05-11:15

Wave 2 - Briefing at 11:30
MASTERS MEN 40/49 4 24 21-27 11:40:00 13:00-13:20
UNDER 19 MEN 17/18 3 18 22-30 11:42:00 12:50-13:10
UNDER 17 MEN 15/16 3 18 22-33 11:44:00 12:28-12:50
UNDER 15 MEN 13/14 2 12 22-35 11:46:00 12:28-12:55
SPORT MEN n/a 3 18 23-35 11:48:00 12:50-13:30

SUPER MAST MEN 50/59 3 18 24-30 11:50:00 13:00-13:15
GRAND MAST MEN 60/69 3 18 24-33 11:52:00 13:00-13:20
VETERANS WOMEN 30/39 3 18 24-28 11:54:00 13:05-13:15
MASTERS WOMEN 40/49 2 12 26-30 11:56:00 12:50-13:10
SPORT WOMEN n/a 2 12 27-35 11:58:00 12:50-13:14

SUPER MAST WOM 50-59 2 12 28-32 11:58:00 12:50-13:14
GRAND MAST WOM 60-69 2 12 30-34 11:58:00 12:50-13:14
UNDER 19 WOMEN 17-18 3 18 24-35 12:00:00 12:50-13:14
UNDER 17 WOMEN 15-16 2 12 24-35 12:00:00 12:50-13:14
UNDER 15 WOMEN 13-14 2 12 24-35 12:00:00 12:50-13:14


You must register online before 11.59pm Friday the 9th Sept. You cannot enter on race day

Entry fees are:
Sprockets: $0
Juniors: $20
Seniors: $30

The Bicycle Barista and the PMBC Fund Raising BBQ will be in full swing

Rider Etiquette
Please be courteous to other riders while racing. Call ahead your intentions to pass and clearly state on which side you wish to pass. If you are caught up by someone in another category let them past ASAP. Any riders found to be behaving inappropriately will be disqualified.
If you find someone injured on course, please stay with that person and await the next rider, tell them to proceed to the Finish area and state position of injured rider, we will place you according to your position in the race and you get your next race entry for free.
***Please, please do not litter, what you take in, you must take home***
The Timing Team will be posting up results asap, so please be kind and refrain from asking them for your position while they are working. Live results will be available whenever possible.

The Down Hill State Champs will run at the Goat Farm on the same days as the XCO with practice on Saturday and finals on Sunday. The two courses will be independent and we look forward to a great weekend of racing in conjunction with Peel Districts running the DH.

PMBC and all associated events are run completely by volunteers. We would really appreciate your help. Please email us at Thank you.

Who's in?
TrekWrekka, Silverback, JohnH, singlespeeder, stuwit, Stephen Dew, jrayfield22, cburton3232, lozzatron (9 riders)
TrekWrekka Silverback JohnH singlespeeder stuwit Stephen Dew jrayfield22 cburton3232 lozzatron
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2016 XCO State Championships - Entries are open !!!!

Goat Farm 10th & 11th of September (Race day 11th)

Well its that time to race for total glory and be the State Champion for the next twelve months or just be able to say im ranked XX in WA and have bragging rights all year.

This event will run in conjunction with the Downhill State Champs and willl be a fantastic weekend of MTB with practice on Saturday and Race day on the Sunday.

UCI/MTBA grading will be in place for this event and you can check all the grades out on the links below or through the entry page on register now.

Race Info:

The course will be challenging as the GF always is but we are finalising plans for two options and potentially a world cup like feature near the race village, more info soon to come as we finalise plans.

Food and drink will be available with The Bicyle Barista and the PMBC fundraising crew running the BBQ and drinks tent.

So don't be shy the State Champs are for everyone to participate in just like any other cross country race and the Goat Farm is a great Challenge after a year of great racing around the State.

WestCycle and PMBC will also be running a Hints and Tips for State Champs session on the Saturday with Elite riders to give there insight into the right techniques for the farm. This is aimed at our competent riders who are thinking mmmmm am I ready for this. This will be advertised in the next couple of days separately on Facebook so watch out !.

Sprockets will also occur and we are planning a Handcycle Event too so it is all just going to be a crazy awesome weekend so get on down.

If you cant or don't want to ride though come along and help, watch, support and have a great time!.

Finally please share the post so the message gets around.


PMBC Race Team

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I have entered the XC and Downhill. My XC race is 11.50 until about 1.15. The DH is racing 11 - 4.00. Is there some plan for managing the people who are racing both events?

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Hi tim.

We will have a chat with the peel guys and see if this csn be worked around. Ill get back to you shortly.

Regards chris

timr's picture

It's all good thanks Chris, I just spoke to Chris Moore from Peel and she will seed me first (OK that sounds weird but you know what I mean)

Silverback's picture

Great Tim Smiling

Cadel1297's picture

Hey guys I was hoping to race both the xcountry and the downhill so i was wondering if the race times are going to overlap?

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HI Cadel,

Did you have a chat with Peel to sort it, as above they have done for other riders.

Cheers Chris

Cadel1297's picture

Yes have done chris all sorted now

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