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Tasmanian Mountain Bike Guidebook is out

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By Scratchy - Posted on 18 November 2016

After the success of the WA MTB guide book we decided to do a guidebook about an area that a lot of riders are interested in, Tasmania. My riding partner/wife and I spend some time this year there and then many months in front of a computer putting it together. If you have the WA guide book it will feel very familiar but with over 40 places to ride Tasmania has a lot to offer MTBers and the future for riding there is very exciting.

Available in all good bike shops in Tasmania or online: If you are in Western Australia and you want to check it out Wembley Cycles in Perth has a couple of copies or MAD cycles in Bunbury. There is a couple of shops in Victoria that are in the process of stocking them as well.

If you are interested in stocking them give me a PM.

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