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2017 WAMBA XCO State Series Rnd 3 - Kalamunda Circuit

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By Silverback - Posted on 30 November 2016

Sunday, 14 May, 2017 (All day)

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

6 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Kalamunda Mountain Bike Trails
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Camel Farm
Course Map Link


2017 XCO State Series

PMBC and KMBC presents - 2017 XCO State Series Round 3 - Kalamunda
Sponsored by KMBC, PMBC & Rock n Roll MTB

For all the latest info on the Kalamunda race please open this link as a new window before continuing. It will help you as you progress with the registration process.

Number plates for the season are $5.00 to cover the cost of the State Series number plate and RFID tags. Please ensure you select a race plate from the merchandise sections and click add item if you do not already have a State Series Plate from a previous 2017 race.

Please ensure you retain you number plate through the season, replacement number plates will require a $5.00 payment at registration for subsequent races if you lose your plate.

Rego from 08:00am
Practice 08:00 to 08:30
U13 30min+last lap 08:30 - 09:15 (adjusted Adult Course)
U9 20min+last lap 09:30 - 10:00 (Camel Farm Skills Loop)

General Race Information: Note start times are a guide but will not be earlier than noted.
Important info:

Adult Grades/U15-17
4.5 kilometer loop (link to course map will be available on the race page:

Please consider the distance versus time to ensure you can complete your distance in the allotted time. We are expecting bigger numbers and with three waves need to keep a tight time frame. If you are not sure contact us for advice!.

Rego from 8am
WAVE 1 - Maximum 1 hr 45min On course (riders not finishing in this time may be lapped out at the race directors instruction)
Men’s A grade 7 Laps 09:30
Men’s B grade 6 Laps 09:32
Under 17 Boys 4 Laps 09:34
Under 15 Boys 4 laps 09:36

WAVE 2 - Maximum 1 hr 45min On course (riders not finishing in this time may be lapped out at the race directors instruction)
A Grade Women 6 Laps 11:30
B Grade Women 5 Laps 11:32
Under 15 Girls 3 Laps 11:34
Under 17 Girls 3 Laps 11:34
C Grade Women 4 Laps 11:36
D Grade Women 3 Laps 11:36

WAVE 3 - Maximum 1 hr 45min On course (riders not finishing in this time may be lapped out at the race directors instruction)
Men’s C grade 5 Laps 13:30
Men’s D grade 4 Laps 13:32
Men’s E grade 4 Laps 13:34

Presentations for all grades: 15:30


Thanks to the Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective and Perth Mountain Bike Club, round 3 of the 2017 WA XCO state series will bring riders to the Kalamunda Mountain bike trails. You'll want to loosen up those headsets, because this one is going to get twisty!

The race village will be located at the Camel Farm, rego will open from 8am for race plate pickup if you don't already have one.

The race will run on the trails to the west of the Camel Farm. There will be plenty of good spots to spectate, support or heckle your friends on the hill - so bring your supporters and spread the word, this will be a great race for someone new to get a taste of XCO racing.

The lap length is approx 5.5km, incorporating most of the single track in the area and passing opportunities on fireroad.

The race trail will be marked on the morning of the race and will open for practice at 7.30am to 08.30am

You must register online before midnight on Thursday the 11th of May. As usual, there will be no entries on race day.

The race will be located within the Perth hills drinking water catchment area, which means everyone attending will need to observe a few simple rules:
- Use the provided public toilets at the race village and the camel farm, keep your nature break out of the nature!
- If we encounter wet conditions, keep out of flowing streams and pools.
- No animals, including dogs, are permitted to accompany the participants, volunteers or supporters on the day.
- Please hold onto any rubbish and dispose of in one of the bins provided.
- All event parking will be at The Camel Farm as directed by our friendly volunteers.
- Please obey any other directions from the race organisers and volunteers.

If you are keen to lend a hand with this event please email us at We will need assistance with the marshaling and general race assistance. With three waves this presents a great opportunity to race and give a little back. Please consider helping us and KMBC on the day.

Any questions please feel free to email


Mark & Chris
PMBC Race Crew & KMBC Volunteers

Course Map link

Who's in?
jimmy, Silverback, tRicky, kerky, Jastech, JohnH, kevin sleep, WillyWish, Calmilne, constar, RogiP, Mattack, ISTAAACK (13 riders)
jimmy Silverback tRicky kerky Jastech JohnH kevin sleep WillyWish Calmilne constar RogiP Mattack ISTAAACK
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Please see above for all the details on the Kalamunda Race.

Cheers PMBC Race Team

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Hey Chris. Theres no option to register U13s. Is this pay on the day same as Pemberton? Cheers

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The Under 9 and Under 13 are managed by Jenny and Mark Wardle of "Rock and Roll Mountain Biking" and they take registration on the day. Smiling

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Hi All,

Yes we will take online entries for the race or on the day also for under 9 & 13's only. I have fixed the issue that has been stopping the online entry.


PMBC Race Team

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hi Chris,
when will the course be marked so we can do recon laps? Saturday? time?


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The course will be marked from 8am on Sunday morning. It will mostly be marked later on Saturday arvo but bunting will be put up in the morning.



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Registrations have been extended until 5 pm Saturday 13th May.

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