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KD Cycles - 2017 WAMBA XCO State Series Rnd 2 - Turner Hill

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By Silverback - Posted on 30 November 2016

Sunday, 30 April, 2017 - 08:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

6 hours
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I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Turner Hill
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Heading South along Del Park Road:

Turn right onto Scarp Rd, which is unsealed. This about 40 metres past a blue Mundabiddi signpost, which you will see on the left hand side.

A few kms down Scarp Rd, (after passing two 90 degree left-hand side roads by the pine plantation) take the left fork and about 300 metres down you will again turn left and find yourself at the trail head for Turner Hill mountain bike tracks.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

2017 WAMBA XCO State Series Round 2 - Turner Hill

Presented by PMBC & Sponsored by KD Cycles -

We return to one of our best local trails Turner Hill for the second round of the State Series for the year. Get in and grab some points if your in the mix or come along and have a great race on a great trail

Sprockets will be running on the adult short loop for U13 and the the kids loop for U9.

All adult riders will be on the main course with some grades doing a half lap (short loop) to control overall race distance.

If you have a number plate from round one please check your number and enter it at regos. If you need a new plate or a re issue then please ensure you tick the add item to pay the $5 new/replacement plate fee (This includes Sprocket riders). If you have not paid we will need you to pay when you pick up your plate.


We are trailing a pay at registration model for this race around food. There will be options when you sign up to pre-pay for food and drinks. This will allow us to work more efficiently on the day. Please ensure you click add item to register for a food purchase.

The Bicycle Barista will be onsite for coffee and this will be pay as you order as normal. Thanks to Mark and Tess for continuing to support PMBC with the coffee van.

A massive thanks to KD Cycles who again are sponsoring the race for prizes for our grade winners. A grades will receive a cash prize as per our regular format.

U9 & U13 Sprockets
Rego & practice 08:00 to 08:30
U13 30min 5-10min 08:30 09:15
U9 20min 5-10min 09:30 10:00

Adult Number Plate collection 08:00 onwards

Grade Laps Dist(km) Est.laptime Start Est. Finish

Wave 1
Men A 3.5 40 29-32min 09:30 11:26-11:38
Men B 3 30 33-36min 09:30 11:09-11:18
Women A 3 30 37-40min 09:30 11:21-11:30
Men C 2 20 36-39min 09:30 11:42-11:48

Wave 2
Women B 2 20 41-46min 11:45 13:07-13:17
Men D 2 20 40-43min 11:45 13:05-13:11
Men E 2 20 44-48min 11:45 13:13-13:28
Women C 2 10 36-39min 11:45 13:55-14:01
Under 15 1.5 10 45-60min 11:45 13:30-13:45
Under 17 2 10 36-39min 11:45 12:55-13:01
Women D 1.5 15 47-55min 11:45 12:28-12:40

If you are keen to lend a hand with this event please email us at

Cheers PMBC Race Team

Who's in?
jimmy, Silverback, ptpete, JohnH, kevin sleep, Angryduck007, lozzatron, AllanL, WillyWish, Cliffo55, Calmilne, constar, Valhalla, DLazboss, terry123, RogiP, Sack, Mattack, Liam d (19 riders)
jimmy Silverback ptpete JohnH kevin sleep Angryduck007 lozzatron AllanL WillyWish Cliffo55 Calmilne constar Valhalla DLazboss terry123 RogiP Sack Mattack Liam d
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I am encouraging a few locals to have a go at this XCO event. One is on night shift and we are trying to work out potential timing.

The Pemberton XCO has the higher categories starting in a later wave but the timing above is more typical.

Is the above wave start of approximately 11.30 am for "Male E" as expected?

Thank you


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Round Two 2017 XCO State Series - Turner Hill - Race entries are open!

Presented by PMBC & KD Cycles 30.4.17

All the details are above with rego link.


PMBC Race Team

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Turner Hill - What a Great Day !
Im sure you will all agree it was a great day at Turner Hill for round two of the XCO State Series.
The weather was pretty friendly, the track was running awesome and the racing was on.
Lots of great dusty and dirty faces at the finish line after earning their turns on the pea gravel.
If you can ride fast on Turner Hill pea gravel you can ride fast anywhere.
Thanks to KD Cycles for their long term support of the Turner Hill round. In Dan's words (KD Cycles owner) "Thats our race I would be offended if we didnt get asked to support it":). Its great to know our LBS's such as KD Cycles are there to help us make these events happen. Please support their business where you can. Thanks to the other KD CYcles lads for coming down today also, its really appreciated.
Results are on line on the link below and if you have a question please let us know.
Thanks to the PMBC Team these events would not happen without their individual time and support. Also thanks to Mark & Tess from The Bicycle Barista and the awesome PMBC Fund Raising team with all the food and cool drinks.
Entries for round 3 at Kalamunda on May the 14th will be open tomorrow after I get a little rest Eye-wink.
Cheers Chris

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