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Ideal bike setup for solo unassisted trip across Australia

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By izaac - Posted on 12 May 2017

Hello mountain bike enthusiasts,

I'm after some inspiration... I'm planing a ride from Perth to Byron Bay, unassisted. Im after some bike setups you've used for large endurance rides. Any tips and tricks you've picked up along the way in terms of storage/packing, water, food, shelter, bike, model, panniers etc.

Thanks for your help, many regards

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HI There,

I would encourage you to get in touch with Brad Serls at Bicycle Bespoke, Brad is a big fan of bike packing and will be able to help you put heaps. Also Declan Von Dietze who just did the munda biddiin under 5 days (1100km) would be able to give you valuable information too.

You can find both of these good gents on facebook.

Cheers Chris
PMBC President

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Thanks I might pop into bicycle bespoke during the week :^)

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Have a look at some of the IndyPac coverage as there was some interesting stuff on bike builds there. That said they were running pretty lightweight and you would probably want more pack space.

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Thanks mate,
I'll have a look now :^)

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Hey Isaac, I've got a truckload of experience ridding solo unsupported across Australia both on and off road. Drop me a line if you want a chat.


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