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Annual General Meeting 2022

AGM & call for new volunteers. - Lake Leschenaultia on the 13th of February 2022 - AGM @ 11am and BBQ at 12pm

AGM – Committee and call for new volunteers

The AGM will be held at Lake Leschenaultia on the 13th of February 2022
AGM @ 11am and BBQ at 12pm

(we will be located on the grass section to the right of the lake close to where the MTB Trails are located, just look for the PMBC tent (please note there is a parks fee to enter in a vehicle)

Some of us will be there from 8am for a ride around the trails and you are very welcome to join us and check out the trails located at the Lake, they are suitable for all levels of riders.

We continue to need new people to help with updating the website, communications, and other roles on the committee. As always the primary roles are open for nomination, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Trails Managers and the Goat Farmers sub-committee. We welcome all new people with open arms and solid support.

Please understand most of this work can be done in small pockets of spare time and you will be supported. I ask you all to remember if we don’t have a regular flow of new volunteers the club can become stale and people become burnt out.



Thanks from 

Chris Park
PMBC President


Race Entry Fees

Race fees for this year will be as follows noting race entry closure is the Thursday before the race weekend

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