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The Steadyrack Story

Steadyrack was born from a comment David Steadman made to his father-in-law, Ron, at a family event: “Surely there has to be a way to get bikes hanging on a wall without having to try juggle the bike onto some kind of hook,” he said.

Ron considered the problem and within two weeks produced a very crude version of what we now know to be the Steadyrack Classic Rack. Another five years, countless hours of hard work, and numerous prototypes later, and the Steadyrack was perfected.

Steadyrack’s unique patented design utilises the mechanical advantage of the wheel turning, combined with an innovative pivoting feature, to create a bike rack that takes up the least amount of storage space, and is the easiest to use. Not only are Steadyrack bike racks preferred by leading bike brands across the globe, but they’re also universally acclaimed by thousands of satisfied customers as the best (and easiest) way to park your bike.

Vertical bike racks

The revolutionary bicycle storage solution

Whether you’re looking to clean up the garage or shed, save space in an apartment, or fit out your office or workplace, our Steadyracks are the versatile storage and bike parking solution you’ve been searching for. In fact, our Steadyracks suit almost any situation or location.

If you’re looking for bike storage, our Steadyracks are the only vertical bike parking solution that doesn’t involve any heavy lifting, doesn’t take up significant floor space, and unlike hooks or other bike racks, doesn’t damage your frame or rims. They also fold flat against the wall – which means they can be installed virtually anywhere!