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MTBing is an awesome sport for young people. There’s all the fresh air, exercise and great outdoors—not to mention the social aspect—but mostly it’s just plain fun to ride a bike around in the dirt.

Junior MTB riding and racing in WA is divided into two groups:

If you’re 12 or under, you’re a Sprocket.

Consider yourself lucky. The trail gurus at Rock N Roll MTBing manage a series of clinics and races throughout the year just for you. You get access to their tips, wisdom and experience at a substantially reduced price because it’s subsided by the PMBC. It’s a very popular programme, it’s awesome fun and all the info and contact details can be found here: or via email: [email protected]

If you’re under 19 and older than 12, you’re a PMBC Junior.

This once meant you had to race in categories with other Juniors, some of whom were ridiculously fast. We’ve changed things so now you race with whoever’s closest to your ability. We have grades from F up to A. We can give you guidelines on where to start and you can work your way up from there. You also have your own PMBC Juniors Facebook page here to keep up with events: (
Still not sure about something, just email one of the committee members: [email protected]
For more answers to frequently asked questions see below.

Junior FAQ

What type of mountain biking are we talking about?

PMBC is now exclusively associated with cross-country (XC) mountain biking. XC competitions are mass start on a circuit course in the bush over single bike width tracks and forest roads/fire trails. The course will usually be around 5km in length, with the number of laps depending upon the class entered. Courses usually contain a variety of flat, uphill and downhill sections that test riders’ fitness and skills in negotiating obstacles (logs, rocks, etc). There are also social XC rides that are like the above but not a race.

For Junior Downhill (DH) racing and riding please check out

What kind of bike do I need?

One with knobby tyres and in good working order. We’re not trying to be smart here. It’s just getting harder to define what makes a mountain bike a mountain bike. Wheel sizes from 26″ to 27.5″ to 29″ are all fine. That said, smaller 13-year-olds might be better off on a 24″ wheeled bike. 

Bikes with no suspension, bikes with front suspension and bikes with full suspension are all welcome and appropriate.

What kind of other gear do I need?

  • A standard ANSI approved bicycle helmet is required, full face helmets are welcome but not required. 
  • Gloves are always a good idea for cushioning and in case of a crash. Any other padding or protection is optional. 
  • Enough water and food for the duration of the ride is also required. 
  • Also a good idea is carrying a small pump, tube and knowing how to fix a puncture.

Do I need permission from a parent?


Do I need to be a club member?

No, but being a member comes with benefits, just ask us  .

How do I register?

Click on the event link on the PMBC home page and follow the instructions from there.

What happens on race day?

  • Get to the event at least an hour before race start time. 
  • Sign in at registration. Collect your race plate. Ask any questions you want—we’re all volunteers trying to share the love of our sport with people like you. 
  • Be ready to race (ie. helmet, gloves, shoes, water bottle, race plate attached) at least 15 minutes before your race start. Line up, go hard, be safe, have fun.

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